Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Jupiter MX 2014

After 4 long weeks of washing my new bike, dusting my new bike and worrying if I could actually ride the thing, the STNK arrived, meaning that it had been registered with the police and could now be ridden in the streets. The STNK arrived, not the licence plates. The licence plates are not available from the department that manages this and so I was no better off.
Thankfully and happily my brother in law took the bike and went and got some 'fake' or temporary plates made so I can ride and then he took his Mio back.
The difference between the offical plates and the copies is that the offical plates have a police sign or badge pressed into the metal whereas the others don't. Not caring about that, I have now plates.

So, now I am free to ride around the city on my new bike and whilst I use the bike really only to get to work and back the fact that I have to use gears and think and can accelerate past things is making me like riding to work again. The gears are getting smashed and crunched but 9/10 I have managed to get it right. I am not stalling it in traffic and whilst 2nd gear is wierd I have almost sorted that out.

I have yet to push it over 80 despite knowing that there is room in 5th to get over 100 with ease but once I have had it serviced and checked over and I find a straight well maintained road, maybe I will see....

I had considered getting a second bike such as a Mio for short trips and quick trips out and about to the shops but I think I will put that idea on ice for a while and think about whether that is really what I want now I have the new MX. 
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