Thursday, 12 June 2014

Time off

I am not really a movie buff not because I don't like watching movies but I don't really have the time for them, what with looking after my son on the weekend, it makes it beyond difficult. So with the weekend off and the 2 days that followed it, I was given the chance to chill and relax with both spending time with and away from my normal day to day stuff. Jeremy still went to his grans.

Sunday was spent at Gandaria City with my family celebrating Belvans birthday. This involved buying shopping and eating and watching Maleficent. For fairy tale movies made by Disney, count me out. For one starring Angelina Jolie and not a cartoon then OK why not. I was not left disappointed. While the movie itself was pretty lacklustre, Angelina seemed to shine and made the movie worth watching so that was good.

Gandaria City has an IMAX which one day I will venture into but 2d is just as fun.

Monday I spent with my wife as she managed to get the day off as well. Mainly because it was my birthday and so it being a Monday we went to Grand Indonesia and once past the coffee and breakfast stage went to the 8th floor or somewhere to the Blitzmegaplex to buy tickets for Edge of Tomorrow. It being Monday again meant cheap tickets (40,000 each) and the ability to sit anywhere due to the lack of movie goers at 11am in the morning.

The movie was in 3d and to be honest it was not worth the extra cash because the effects were limited but still a great movie where Tom Cruise again does not die completely. Just a lot. Silly but fun and with only 4 people in the entire cinema, a good time to watch it.

After the movie, we ate at Pizza Express and had a few cold ones before moving to Kuninghan City to get some shopping and buy some cakes to celebrate the day.

Gin in the evening finished the day off nicely and it was nice to spend the whole day with the wife without interruption and then the evening with Jeremy.

I had big plans for an adventure through Jakarta on Tuesday but once I had got up out of bed and cleaned the house, all I could manage was a trip to Burger King for lunch before coming back home and watching TV in the afternoon. Another thing I have not done for such a long time. Once the torrential rain had stopped I picked Jeremy up from his grans around 4 and then until 8 spent the time reading books to him (toodle waddle and others) and playing with him until he was too sleepy to move.

We have changed our room around so that he now sleeps on his own materess and has half the room for him so he can play and roll and it has made him very happy and he is more than comfortable sleeping on his own because he knows we are not far away.

So a short break from things was what was needed and knowing everything was in good hands at work it was made more enjoyable too.

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