Friday, 28 March 2014

11 months on

Gran says Jeremy took his first steps today or some first steps. That is very exciting news. He sometimes stands up for a second or two before sitting down again. He likes to walk while holding onto something and when he crawls you have to think fast to stop him going places he shouldn't. Thats a challenge but we are learning!!!

He seems to have a perpetual cold and running nose, his cough has gone and he now makes the best faces with his 3 teeth and strange clicking noises and then laughs.

Due to there being no house keeper to help at the moment, I have lots of time with him in the mornings until around 11.30 so that means I get to play, talk, carry, feed, wash, watch and grow with him. I have his sleep routine sorted so that once he has had his morning bath and fight getting dressed, he gets fed, I get fed, he then has milk and will promptly fall asleep. I normally then follow him and get another hour in so that when he goes to his grans' he is wide awake and full of life.

Jeremy likes birds and pointing at everything. He seems fascinated with light bulbs and likes to stare at them regardless of whether they are on or off. He enjoys watching life from the balcony and we spend time there in the sun in the mornings watching the bikes and cars go by.

Jeremy is beginning to achieve eye hand coordination and can put things inside other things but not always. This again is amazing to watch. His vocal skills are developing and whilst he has not moved much from Da and Ma and ba ba ba etc he does I, believe, understand more words and sounds and when he is able to say them he will be quick to speak.

Times are getting exciting for us because mum is coming out in May for his birthday and this will be the first time they have seen each other. It will also be the first time Jeremy will fly, see the sea, eat sand and all the other things toddlers do when at the sea side. 
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