Monday, 7 April 2014

Kondominium Lippo Carita

I have just spent the weekend in Carita on the annual works outing and we stayed in Carita, which is a resort area town place on the west coast of Java with views of Krakatoa Volcano, the Sunda Straits and the sea. And with the sun shining it was a nice place to be.
40 of us went from work and we stayed at a place called Kondominium Lippo at Carita about 3.5 hours from Jakarta.

The place is on the beach and is a long 4 storey building with access to rooms being through a designated staircase.
The rooms were 3 bedroom, with 1 room ensuite and a separate shared shower. A seating area and dining area, small kitchen and a balcony facing the ocean. 4 rooms booked soon had us all hidden away and so there was plenty of space.
Food was provided by someone and brought to one of the rooms for all to eat.

Between the building and the beach was a small patch of ground and gardens and then a wall and once through the wall, hawkers and sellers annoying you with offers of massage, bananas, boogie boards, banana boat rides and the like which was not so nice.
There were also men wandering around offering you fresh Squid or lobster and prawn (in their hands) to buy should you want it. Clearly I never.

Looking at the place from the beach

The condition of the room I stayed in was clean and tidy. It had a broken cabinet, the bed looked as old as the buildings and the pillows far too used for my liking so I slept on the sofa. I think the mosquitoes got me there, a lot.

The shower and bathroom was functional and clean. Plenty of water but not hot.

Overall the place was run down and needed some repairs but it was OK for a night away and the beach and the view from the balcony of the ocean made it worth while.

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