Sunday, 25 March 2012

Home living

After 2 months of riding through the city to work and  back everyday the journey does not seem to take as long as it does. I have learnt that railway tracks are dangerous places to be, that no one cares about fixing the roads and that riding anywhere there is a market is just dangerous as the traffic there seems to ignore all the rules. You know my feelings about buses so there is no point of harping on about it this time, but there will be another time thats for sure. 
I also have a sneaking suspicion that the rainy season has almost finished. The rain has just stopped, the heat has just got worse and when it breaks there are no huge downpours everywhere. I am hoping that the dry season is here now, and despite the heat being a pain, it will be better than riding wet. 

The house is still standing which is nice and I  have not really done anything extra to it. The wedding is now . key and so the bits that I still need can wait. My cooking skills have not grown but have been just constantly used. Soup and sauces are the next thing I need to learn and getting an oven as well so I can start baking and making lots of different food that is not fried and therefore has to be a little more healthy. A student gave a large lump of dutch cheese which was really kind, really tasty, really smelly and left me wanting really more! I like cheese.

The ants and cockroaches are ebbing and flowing and maybe that's the weather that sets them off. A nest is found the ants die. A cockroach is found it dies, the ants take it away and then I find where they take it and then they die. Natures cycle. There are some large black ants in the back area but they seem to be less annoying and more scary than the smaller ones so they live. The lizards are up to 4 now and whilst they crap everywhere, they are useful at eating things that move. 

I am now in the process of filling the front up with plants. My fiancee has found a cheap place in Kali Bata where the plants are good and there is a large variety. Sadly if I go then the price goes up and so instead of 7 for 100,000 I would have to pay more. But she seems to like it so I will ask her to go and get more so the front is more green than just concrete and fence. I am after frangipani, jasmine and anything else that smells and looks pretty but am more than happy to have any plants as they just brighten the place up and make me happy. I used to have lots of garden and plants back home in England so I have missed seeing the everyday and making sure that they are growing and things.

Not much to look at today but I am sure over time they will be. Acorns and oak trees as they say. I will have to re-pot at some point but not this weekend.

Finally whilst I don't have the best view of the sky the sunsets are still pretty cool when the pollution in the air turns the clouds pink.

Plus it is good to show the world the fact that my streets street lamps work and how tidy the wires are in Asia.

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