Sunday, 4 March 2012

Internet Jakarta

Since moving to my house, I have been looking for a way to connect to the web in a more normal way than my Tab. I wanted to use a service provider such as Speedy or First Media but connection it seemed was not going to be easy.
First Media seemed to be the ideal package, an all in one tv and internet option which would sort out all my needs, alas not available in my part of town. Telcom requires a land line and that is something I just don't need at the moment as the cost of having a line to the house and then paying for something I wont use seems very pointless. Biznet is not an option so unless I get a landline installed I have to find another way. 
Having Indovision you would have thought that they could also provide an all in one package with both TV and Internet beamed into the house via a satelite dish but Indovision have yet to sort that out.

I am lucky enough to have a Galaxy Tab which allows me to use it as a portable wifi hotspot but I dont want to use it just for that and so I have kept looking and thinking what is the best thing from there. 

IM2, Telkom Flash and a host of other operators all provide wireless connection over the air, I assume fast internet connection through 3g or something for a price. The trouble is for me, is that the web sites are not easy to understand and the price range is vast. So knowing all this, I went off to Ratu Plaza to sort it out once and for all.
Finding Telkomsel Flash first for around 400k with 3 months unlimited use seemed a great option however when I went to pay with my ATM card, the shop could not accept it and so on the premise I will return with cash, I left and went to another store. This time I found SmartFren USB connection for a lot less (270,000k) and a months free unlimited usage and the store were happy to take my Permata ATM card. Good enough for me I thought and so 10 minutes later when the store registered it for me I was on my way home with the internet connection I needed.

Its slow but not slow enough to really worry about. The speed is good enough for browsing, playing online games and up loading photos. I don't download music or watch much You Tube so it suits me fine for now, until something better comes along. 

As far as I know as long as I pay 100k a month in top up for the telephone number then I will get a 'relatively' decent speed for browsing. I don't need to take the net book with me as I have a tab so for just general browsing at home, its just the job. 
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