Tuesday, 12 June 2012

House break in

Getting home from a 12 hour day at work, I was very surprised to see the lights on inside the house, the gate wide open and the front door wide open.
So after initially thinking my fiancee was there, I could not see her shoes, instead just lots of green painted wood by the front door.

I went into the house and yes, I had been burgled and things had been taken.

Both bedrooms had been gone through, clothes on the floor and boxes opened. In the family room my netbook and cables were gone. From the bedroom 2 pairs of my fiancees wedding shoes, a watch and most upsetting of all the wedding rings had been taken but the box they were in remained.

The value of the loss was not huge but the fact the house has been broken into, my netbook containing my photos from around the world and the wedding things have been taken is cause enough to be angry and upset.

Speaking to the neighbours, many houses had been broken into in Mampang and there is little being done about it. The night watchman who carries a gun and a knife, just in case was not on duty when it happened.

Today, new locks have been purchased, the door will be repaired and life goes on. A police report has been completed, although I never went as the cost and hassle increases, but I know that there is little that will be done and nothing will be recovered.

The robbing scum however missed other stuff and also never took my passport which is a blessing. I hope that misfortune, bad karma, a big truck, whatever enters their lives and well, it hurts and hurts them alot.

I can only imagine the house was being watched. I am watched constantly by the locals, I am sure they know my every move. This is something you get as an expat living in Jakarta.

Tomorrow, back to work but hopefully someone staying in the house so the chances of it happening again become never.

I know this post is a bit messy, promise to clean it up tomorrow. Sent this from my tab as, well, I no longer own a netbook.
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