Saturday, 15 March 2014

7 hours in Singapore

My visa run leaves approximately 6.5 hours of daylight in Singapore. I land at 9am, rush through the airport and then get a taxi into the city. This takes about an hour. I hand over my passport and cash and then I am free to around 4.30pm when I can get it back. Bearing in mind that I left my home at 4am and will get back around 11pm, the joys of rushing are somewhat limited.

So what to do?

Happily now, the meeting point is an actual office and it is very close to China Town if you walk through the Korean part of the city ( assuming that is what it is ). China town is huge and there is lots to see and do although at that time of the day most places are opening up. 

Some views around China town

You can jump on the MRT and ride about. I went from China town to Bugis. Go off at Bugis, when up and had a look. It seems just roads and buildings and too hot to walk too far, so I got back on the MRT and headed to the Promenade which is next to the Singapore Flyer and a short walk to Marina Bay Sands, so that was good.

It was very quiet on the MRT, almost empty

The mall there is cold so after wandering around outside it was nice to chill out inside. From there I went back to China town for lunch and sat again somewhere cold and read a book.
By now it was around 1pm. 

Around Marina Bay Sands

After that I decided to walk back the meeting point and found a bar selling buy one get 1 dutch beer which was very well received and of course real bacon, which is too expensive to find here. The next few hours were very well spent.

Dutch not the stuff made in Indonesia

After collecting my passport and visa, I headed back on the MRT to the Airport. Checked in at T3 for Lion Air, ate in Subway, brought some gin and waited for my flight.

Departure Lounge and a plane, a big plane.

I have also over the years been to:

Little India, On the Singapore Flyer, travelled all over the city on the MRT, been all the way and down Orchard road, been to the parks, the butterfly place, the coast, various bars etc. All my working visa trips are time limited but if you push yourself ( I really don't any more) then you can get a lot into your day.

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