Friday, 21 March 2014

Weekend getaway Jakarta

Lots of things have been happening recently making all of us very tired. Everyone sick, everyone working hard and Jeremy getting more active, oh and the housekeeper deciding to want a break, which has left us without for a while, we decided to book into a hotel for night and have a little bit of pampering and peace and quiet.

So last weekend, we booked up a room at the Morrissey in Menteng. It is just off Jacksa and I have stayed there before for work reasons but it is a comfortable place to stay

On Saturday morning, Yovita brought Jeremy to my office so the staff could see him and take photos with him and so when I went to work, I took most of the things we would need for the night away. Pram, clothes, food, toys etc all for Jeremy and gin for me.
I like postcards, so send me some

After leaving work, we headed straight to the hotel and checked in. Our room was on the 9th floor and over looked a building site looking north east. The window was floor to ceiling which was nice because it meant Jeremy could lookout whilst sat on the floor.
Enjoying the view

The room itself was fairly compact but it came with a small kitchenette and had a fridge, microwave, untensils etc. There was no bath just a shower which was good enough.

Around Menteng there are lots of places to eat so we walked to Thamrin and Sarinah, ate in Oh La La by mistake (the food was ok but the flies were everywhere). Don't buy beer there. 64k for a bottle of Bingtang. I had a coke. We then ordered take out Pizza from Pizza hut, got coffee from Starbucks, beers and Baby food from Hero and then went back to the room for the night.

The best thing about hotel rooms is the peace and quiet, large TV screens the lack of need to do anything at all. Which was nice.

Sunday morning started early and we were having breakfast at 6.30am. Toasted French Brie Sandwiches and all the yoghurt you could eat with very strong coffee was the order of the moment. The gin and beer was needed the night before and now coffee was next. Breakfast was in the Bella and Ocha restaurant in the hotel, so the food was good. I would not eat there because the prices are expensive although drink yes because they have good deals.
Deciding it would be good to go for a walk, we took Jeremy into the street and to the Car Free event on Sudirman, which happens every Sunday. Not much was happening to be honest except it was hot, there were many people on bikes or walking and that was about it. So we went back to the hotel and spent a few more hours chilling out.

On returning home, the expected news that our housekeeper would not be returning greeted us and so now we are with a carer for my son and the house and the weird thing is that she left money, clothes and shoes in the house.

Ah well, the anger has subsided. All that needs to happen now is we need to find another housekeeper....
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