Sunday, 5 February 2012

An update

I have not been blogging over the past couple of weeks mainly due to work and the fact that I have just moved from my apartment.
My lease was up for the apartment and I wanted to move closer to my fiancee to help financially and also to prepare for the wedding. So just after the new year we found a home in Mampang, South Jakarta.
I then had to move all my things from apartment, have Yovita buy new things for the house and part with hard earned cash to pay with it all. On top of that, I  have had 2 new teachers arrive to train and induct and also I had to go to Singapore for visa reasons. Quite busy really.
Finally typing on my tab is not the best and I am still waiting for some kind of internet connection to feel very at home. The AC, Indovision and new cooker are helping that bit so much, but being online again will pretty much complete that.

Once I am, then I will catch up with my blogs.

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