Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Being busy

Its been a busy month for me and also a period of change. Gone has the luxury of laziness in my apartment and the lifestyle that went with it. This has been replaced by home living and living in my own house and commuting to work on a daily basis.
Choosing the house was pretty easy, we eventually settled and agreed on a property very close to the main drag to the south of Jakarta and on a relatively quiet and peaceful street. Yes it is in the south of the city and whilst Mampang seems to be far away from things, I am in fact closer to so much more despite living next to 3 malls. I am closer to more visited areas such as Rasuna, Kemang and the city and so taxis and trips to places are shorter and cheaper which is good.
Buying furniture and arranging AC installation, Indovision, builders to finish the house for us has been fun and tiresome but necessary and now I can say I am on the way to feeling at home and comfortable with the place. Some plants out front will be nice.

I went to Ace hardware on the weekend to get some paint and brushes so that I could start repainting the house as the landlady did such a bad job at redecorating the place that I need to do it again. It may be rented and so I don't need to care too much but I still want it right.
Ace Hardware don't seem to understand that people can actually buy paint and a brush without help and that many expats can actually decorate, paint and fix things without getting some man round to do it for them. Some even enjoy it. I am not really in the enjoy it bracket but the painting is needed.

Painting the bathroom took some doing even though it is a small room. Several coats of paint to make it watertight and less patchy but it worked and so the next room will be the bedroom and the area around the kitchen to make it more presentable.

I guess I will be spending time painting the place and making the house nicer in that way.

Away from the house, I went to Singapore for the day for another visa run and that went rather well despite landing late in Singapore and having to rush to the meeting point. I spent the day pretty much nursing tea in Starbucks and taking advantage of their free internet. The rain was pretty heavy for most of the afternoon however this did not have any impact on my flight back and in fact I was slightly early.

I have also been to immigration for photos and finger prints. This time I was ushered upstairs to a quiet area with leather sofas etc where I waited and then swiftly processed. As the immigration center for me is in Kota Tua, it takes over an hour to get there yet I was in the immigration office for less than 20 minutes. Such is life.

So busy with work, my new house, planning a wedding, trips to Singapore and spending at least 90 mins a day riding through the city to get to and from work. I am finding more and more shortcuts and that is helping. My bike is doing well and whilst it uses fuel quickly the bike seems to be in condition. I will get it serviced next week and make sure it is in good order.

Moving back into a house and setting it up from scratch also makes you realise what I have been missing.

Cooking, washing my bike, walking places, shopping for real food, sleeping on a proper bed, sleeping under a duvet are a few of the things I have missed thats for sure. All of which help me enjoy life in the city just that little bit more.
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