Monday, 20 February 2012

Galaxy Tab portable Wi Fi hotspot

Computer engineers are the cleverest people in the world because they make very clever things work for very stupid people and that has to just be hard work for them and for us, truly thankful.

I currently do not have internet access and well I don't mind so much as I have my Galaxy tab and its 3g capabilities to surf, tweet, email and generally keep abreast of things online and that keeps me smiling. However, I have missed blogging and updating my life to the world and that has been kind of frustrating for me.

I remembered at some point reading about how my Galaxy Tab 10.1 ( as can all Tabs ) be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and so this means you can connect your wireless phone, iphone touch, net book etc to the internet and still get relatively the same speed as the tab gets when it is surfing. This is something you can do with most mobile phones but until now I never knew how.

So here I am tapping away on my keyboard and updating my blog with this news, I am very impressed.

Follow the screen shots below for guidance. The hotspot is secure and works for up to 8 devices although I would not like to see the speed for 8 devices pulling data from a 3G signal all at once.

From the home screen hit the apps button at the top right of the screen and then find the 'settings' icon and press.

This will then open up the settings screen and you need the top one, Wireless and networks. Press that and then find 'Tethering and portable hotspot'.

 Select that and then tick the box for 'Portable Wi-Fi hotspot' and you are almost there.

Lastly select ' Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot' and a pop up screen will appear for all the details. If you select the 'show password' box it will reveal the key you need to type into the screen on your other device to ensure connection.

And thats it from the Tab side of things. If you look closely enough you will see on the bottom of the screen shots a blue symbol, this means the hotspot is active.

For your device you are going to use to connect to the Tab you need to ensure it is able to search for wireless connections and then when it finds the Android Hotspot ( the network SSID by default) you then tap the key into the box that pops up and you should be connected.

If not, well try again and make sure your devices are able to connect wireless.

But it works for me and my netbook and my nokia phone... lovely.
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