Monday, 30 May 2011

An update

My medicine to get past my Tonsillitis lasted 4 days, my sore throat, cough etc lasted until at least now but overall things are almost back the normal level of health ( whatever level that is) and actually that feels pretty good.
I did take Tuesday off as I needed to finally rest up and so I did, I never felt guilty and spent the morning in Starbucks playing silly games on my netbook and relaxing and the afternoon, snoozing and eating and it did ultimately do the trick. I was back at it on Wednesday and despite trying to free my lungs through coughing I have been getting better and better.
The weather also I think has helped with rain and some cooler days and long may that continue. I cant really drink carbonated drinks yet as my throat flares after them but everything else seems normal.

So thats the end of that I hope, next medical emergency will be a trip to a dentist in the near future for a check up, its been a while.

The weekend was pretty slow paced, working Saturday a long leisurely lunch and some fantastic Blackberry milkshakes in the Hong Kong cafe/resto in Central Park followed by coffee and lots of browsing in Taman Anggrek for things I might buy shortly. Which for me makes a change to actually want to buy anything other than electronics.

Sunday was sleeping, cleaning and shopping and all done in the slowest possible way, although I am not quite sure how I slept slowly but I guess you can work that out.

Today I went on a little trip into the city to visit the lovely people and offices of immigrasi (immigration) in Kota Tua. This is an annual trip often preceeded by a trip out of the country to Singapore to get a visa.
The offices are next to the post office and lasted all of 30 minutes which was nice.

Just a quick photo, then finger prints, 5 signatures and its all done and my official paperwork will be completed in the next week and thats that. So thats good. Mind I have no idea what happened as the agent that accompanies us just ushers us around and then tells us to go once it is all over.

Good stuff.

Holiday this week as well and then the weekend so thats great. For the past 4 weeks there has been a reason or 2 to have a day off in the week and the weekend. Sadly though I am not a civil servant so I can't take the government approved holiday on Friday to make a long weekend. So those that can, enjoy. Those on holiday today (Bank holiday Monday in England), I hope no rain just a lovely warm early summer day, ripe for BBQ and lounging on beaches or patios with a few beer).

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