Monday, 30 May 2011

Some Lists

Some lists regarding Indonesia / Jakarta and things currently at the moment

Things annoying me

  1. Not being able to go to the movies to watch the latest blockbuster as Indonesia has banned Hollywood movies currently due to some taxation rule changes
  2. People trying to kill themselves on the roads through terrible driving and trying to involve me in their   plans
  3. Getting hit by cars as the drivers are careless
  4. People using the elevator who just continue to use their BB and seem to have lost any social skills they once might have had
  5. Ignorant people smoking in my local Giant
  6. Carrefour
  7. My cutlery as it is going rusty
  8. Trying to combat the smell of stagnant water in my bathroom
  9. The Permata ATM installed in the apartment block which is still not working after a month 
  10. My Carrefour BCA credit card finishing and being issued with a Bank Mega card instead and lack of instruction about bills etc
  11. Traffic which seems to be getting worse in quantity and behaviour
  12. Road closures in the city
  13. The amount of dust in the air, it cant be healthy
  14. The rubbish on my free cable TV
  15. The Jakarta Globe (always doom and gloom)
  16. Google analytics 
Things I am enjoying
  1. Air Asia sales - another set of cheap tickets to fly away from Jakarta for the price of one
  2. My BlackBerry torch
  3. Planning for the future
  4. Work and all that it can throw at me
  5. Days off in the week due to holidays or other
  6. The silence at the apartments generally now nearly all the building work has finished
  7. Travelling in and around the city when I get the chance
  8. Going to Kota Tua  for things
  9. Looking forward to more holidays
  10. Having my DVD player back
  11. Watch the space shuttles take off and land for the last time
  12. Any movie with Alan Rickman in on TV
  13. An ant free and mosquito free apartment
  14. Relatively fast free internet at the apartment
  15. My level of Bahasa which as gone from really really really poor to really really poor
  16. Getting more qualifications for work
  17. Friends everywhere
  18. Even more so Friends from home that are talking
  19. Google earth
  20. Sleeping through the night (this might be temporary but its good while it lasts)
  21. Sending and receiving post cards
  22. The Premiership finishing
  23. Not having AC in the apartment
  25. Post from England
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