Sunday, 22 May 2011


Its been a while since I have written up anything as for the majority of the past week and a bit I have been under the weather resulting in a trip to a doctor, a bag load of pills and the diagnoses of tonsillitis which was all a bit random but there we go.

I suppose the ruinous sleeping pattern,  long days and weather has finally caught up with me and so over time I have allowed myself to be run down and  not as fit as normal. I say this despite eating more fruit and veg than ever before, cutting right down on alcohol and fanta and eating 3 meals a day none of them really unhealthy.

Surprisingly I have not really been anywhere either in the city or outside it, just been at work or home or wandering around the apartments shopping or eating.
The Waisak holiday in the week was a welcome break to the normal routine but since then its been fever, cough,   aches and pains, the flu, sore throat and headaches.

I finally saw a dr on Saturday afternoon (there is one at the apartments) who not only spoke English rather well but also told me exactly how to take the medication, when to take it and ensure I finish the course of anti-biotics and also to make sure that I keep eating and stay hydrated so that was rather useful.

The drugs make me feel sleepy and drowsy but they are working slowly. I hate feeling like this.

Oh I should note that I received an email telling me that I had broken copyright rules by having Gary Larson The Far Side cartoons included in a blog and not to remove them could see some sort of legal action or having my blog taken down, that was nice and friendly.  So I removed them, however the blog is still in the public domain and so people can still access the pictures for now, I guess that will change. 
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