Thursday, 12 May 2011


So, 11 days ago I was flying around Java to Jogja with air asia and enjoying the hour hop there and back and enjoying all things that Jogja has to offer, then a week full of work and lots of things which really should not be giving me stress but alas, they were. The weekend came at high speed, I guess cos I took Monday as a day off. Saturday morning was a morning at work with all the 'i's dotted and the 't's crossed and so not as active as I had hoped.

Saturday afternoon was a trip over to Menteng through the ASEAN road blocks, armed police and soldiers to have pizza and some beer. I mentioned to Yovita that I was kind of bored with my BB torch as it is well boring. It does what is needs to do and then stops as there is noting else it can or will do. Therefore as it was boring I needed to change it. I am impulsive like that.
So we headed back through the city and the streets which were weirdly quiet and into Central Park to a have a 'looksee' in some phone shops. The nokiaa N8 looked really good as did the BB torch and after a lot of deliberation and consulation and calculations I decided if I was to get a new phone then it would have to be another BB. Why? well mainly I use BB messenger to talk to so many people to move back to SMS or a linking programme that both bb person and nokia person would need.
So I ended up with a torch and a touch screen toy that does more than I know and is keeping me busy. I will be selling my bold over the weekend and so really it wont have cost me too much as I am having save for next year and maybe something closer i.e. this year. 

Sunday I went to a Javanese all you can eat food festival or in laymans terms a wedding. It was as normal a very grand affair with the bridge and groom perched on the stage while 500 people or more eat their way through enough food to feed a small city for a week or 2. I lasted about an hour or so before I had to leave. I never ate, it was too early on Sunday afternoon.  The wedding however was good and very tasteful and lots of traditional dress and hats worn by all that mattered. I even had trousers and a shirt on to look more suited to being there. 

Yesterday I went yet again to Singapore for work and it was another long day trip. I took the 6.30 flight out from JK with Lion Air and the 21.20 flight back from Singapore. I must admint I am not a fan of the place now as I have been to nearly all the attractions, spent too much money there, sweated too much, walked to far and felt far too exhausted again to be there. 
Starbucks and Malls for most of the day. Muddy Muyrphys opposite Macdonalds at Forum Mall offered real bacon sandwiches and strongbow cider, something to yearn for when in Jakarta and to indulge in when in Singapore. English chocolate also is a favourite of mine and always a temptation worth having. 
Happily I won't be returning there now for a long time and so maybe I can look at going somewhere else and somewhere in Indonesia which is something I would prefer.

All I need now is a good nights sleep to catch up and all is right with the world.s
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