Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tired out

I have not really blogged much about whats going here for the last couple of weeks, mainly because its hard to blog about getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep, getting up, going to work etc etc. But at the end of the day that is pretty much what has been happening.
There has been a lot of new faces at work and lots of new challenges and stuff to do which has been absorbing my time resulting in long days, something I thought I had moved away from. Now I am not complaining but it means that there is little time to much else.

I finally got the bike fixed and the they came to see me which was nice. 2 service men fixed the bike in a hour and it was running well and then on Sunday in the huge storm I had to go somewhere before another trip to the airport to pick up a new teacher, I was pushed off the road by big silver Mercedes into a Puddle. I am ok but the back part of the bike was dunked into the puddle and the water was over the height of the back wheel. I got it going again but it does not sound the same for now, maybe another tune up is needed. I should also look at a new chain as there is rust on it where it has been through too many floods. WD40 seems to have helped it so maybe I will spray some more on it.

The apartment has been a worry with the landlady demanding more but doing less and thats been a pain. After getting the AC serviced, re-gassed etc it stopped working. On the next engineers visit, a leak has been discovered and so it needs to be replaced or serviced. It is an old unit so that is not helping. I have decided to not have it fixed and want it removed, I can cope in the heat to be honest, I will buy an upright fan and deal with it. I need to sort my rent out and currently arguing about the cost of how much I should pay.
The apartment management in their wisdom decided to end sending utility bills now and instead will email or sms the amount. However they seemed to have forgotten to tell anyone so I had to get that sorted before they cut me off, which I did.

Also since the Oscars came and went in a little over 3 hours there is nothing but really bad movies on HBO. Chuck has disappeared for a while, Van damme is on all channels and the premieres are from movies I have not even heard of. Trans TV is making a good attempt at adding more movies but the adverts are getting in the way of the films and thats the same for Global.

I have not really been anywhere in the city as been too busy. I did watch the Kings Speech and was stunned how good a movie it really is so that was good.

On a good note there has been lots of days where the mountains can be seen from work and that is a nice thought that the air has been a little cleaner than normal but on other days you can still chew the air it is so thick. The recent storms have made the roads I ride on a little more bumpy and there are more holes appearing daily. I did comment that there seems to be less motorcycles belching smoke now a days which just leaves the metro minis, kopajas and the bajais and things will be better.

On Friday I watched streamed live into my office the tsunami and really did not grasp the size or scale of the unfolding live on TV news which was totally shocking and numbing to watch. However 5 days on I numb and have lost all understanding of what is happening and what has happened as it is news overload. The Libyan crisis continues but I never understood that at all but I think the news sites have over egged the disaster and made it harder to fully understand everything as they keep repeating the same news or making a small pieces of news big pieces of news without any substance. The BBC website has been doing that far too often. Yet Twitter and the sites I follow was giving a good level of news and reports with out the hype but that seems to be changing.
I am not sure what is more terrible, the loss of life in Japan or the potential risk of a meltdown. I guess you could argue that this is the first time the news has been able to cover such a disaster in so much detail and with the 'as it happens' coverage is also able to untangle what is important and what is not.
Still I can only hope things improve everything sorts itself out and soon and in the right way.

Thats it really and I am looking forward to some time off this weekend to recharge and relax.
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