Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bits and Pieces

So I am still having issues with the rent and the cost of the apartment for the rest of the year and I have to let my landlady know what I will do in the near future. I guess I already know but stringing it out for a bit wont hurt, well that was the plan but as normal I have received the usual 'outstanding maintenance bill' from the apartment management and the threat of having the electricity and water cut off on Sunday if not all paid. Typical. So more contact tomorrow to get her to pay or whatever she will do to sort it out. Not even phased by it now, just another step along the way to mind. 

With the AC off and the balcony doors open it has been open season for things to fly in and visit me, mosquitoes  and the like have been dying once caught. The worst thing I forgot about is the amount of dust in the air and now I will have to dust everything again. Also I had forgot what a noisy place Jakarta is, what with the call to prayer rattling around the apartment blocks, Central Park turning up the volume for what ever they are doing, the noise from the almost finished apartments next to me and being currently under a flight path to somewhere makes for a noisy place. And the worst is the motorbikes and the custom noise exhausts that they have, far too loud and they should be banned and made illegal, if they are not already.

Not much else has been going on, really, a few trips to the malls and to do some shopping and  had to get the fiancee a new blackberry as her curve developed a fault and after some work researching the fault on the internet discovered that it was either unlikely to be fixed or would cost too much to get it fixed so we got her another one.
The fault that the Curve developed was due to the headphone socket being used a lot and this created a problem with making telephone calls and receiving them. when ever a call was being made or received the headset icon would flash and nothing could be heard. If the headset was plugged into the phone then you could make phone calls.
Blackberry repair center in Kalapa Gading said it was a hardware problem and that they could fix it, if we took it there. 
After a while you have to add up the cost of all this and we did and thats why she got a new one. Taxis there and back, plus time not having it and using / finding / borrowing another phone to use, cost of service with no guarantee of it being fixed then really is it worth it?

For me no, for others yes. 

I have also now found out finally how to blog via my BB and have the posts arrive in my blog, so thats great news also and once I get out and about I might just start blogging short entries of things as I see them, kind of like long tweets with social commentary!
It seems to be rather simple yet the instructions how to do it are a little harder than they should be, or I have worked out something else and its not mobile blogging, I really cant tell, but hey ho it works so thats that.

Went out into the city for some beer and food on Saturday, that was good, Aphrodites was quiet and the food is still good and the buy one get one free beer on a Saturday afternoon was also a good choice and still not that expensive, it gets more expensive as the night wears on and for a change it beats starbucks. I suspect this weekend I will be visiting somewhere else.

Time to change the old routine
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