Tuesday, 1 March 2011

February in Jakarta

Month three already and what a ride most of the first quarter of 2011 has been with no end of the stopping or slowing I am finding it the pace almost too much as it has been full on since stepping into this year.
In the first 60 days of 2011 I have done / started / accomplished / failed /got annoyed by the following

Flown 8 times
2 times to Bali
1 time to Singapore
1 time to Jakarta via Dohar from London

Visited 4 different countries (England, Qatar, Indonesia, Singapore)

Started new distance learning course
Got engaged
Got a new blackberry and a new notebook

Continued in my apartment  for another year

Washed my bike once and have failed to get it serviced at the moment (mainly due to my working hours and the fact there is no Yamaha service station near the school that a: aware of and b: anyone else is)

Put on weight (mainly from over indulging in England and no gym, McD's internet delivery service in Jakarta and beer to keep things real)

Planned 2 holidays and bought the flights already, just need to sort out the hotels

Serviced the 15 year old AC unit finally after it ran out of gas only now to be have an ocd about whether it is working correctly or not

Started to switch my alliances from Mybloglog to blogcatalog and bloggers.com as Mybloglog is closing and I am happy sad with that.

And thats that, the mind de-junked and less cluttered for now.

My wise quote of the moment:   A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards
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