Thursday, 10 March 2011

English slang again

Found this and felt that this too should be in a blog, I can only hope that you embrace the richness of the English language and start using it in your daily lives....

absobloodylootely: absolutely
after: bars open after normal closing time
all over the gaff: unorganized
arse: butt
arse-over-tit: drunk
ballistic: wild
bangers: sausages
barmy: crazy
behave: more! (Think Austin Powers.)
bob: shilling
blimey!: Oh geez!
bloke: a male
bobby: policeman
brilliant!: great! awesome!
cabbage: a slow person
cack: crap (What a load of cack, mate!)
cakehole: mouth (Shut your cakehole!)
Charlie: crack, cocaine
chips: french fries
chunder: to throw up
ciggy: cigarette
claret: blood (They were copping it up, claret all over the place!)
cop a feel: to feel someone up
to cop it: to get in trouble
copper: policeman
Crikey!: My God!
damage: cost
Dicky: feeling unwell
doddle: something easy (It was a doddle to get the Charlie.)
dodgy: shady
done over: beat up (He was done over by that bloke.)
Doris: a plain woman
dosh: money
duck and dive: to run from the police
earner: a dishonest laborer
eppy: a fit
faced: drunk
five finger discount: shoplifting
flim-flam: crap (Cut out this flim-flam, you wanker!)
flippin: freakin'
folding: paper pound-notes
For crying out loud!: For God's sake!
Frenchy: a french kiss
full monty: the entire take, all that is desired
funny farm: a mental institution
gab: to talk a lot
gander: to look at
geezer: an old man
get the nod: to get permission
git: an unlikeable person
gob: mouth
goppin': gross
greaser: a 50's style person, usually a man
grub: food
gutted: choked up (He was gutted at the funeral, mate.)
hacked off: annoyed (He was really hacked off at that copper.)
having it off: a term for intercourse
headcase: a nutcase
hold it down: keep the noise down, control yourself
hooter: nose
ickle: small, tiny (I like that an ickle bit, mate.)
iffy: doubting, doubtful
in stook: in financial trouble (Your uncle's in stook, mate.)
inside: imprisoned (Barry's inside again.)
jammy: lucky
jar: a pint of beer
jock: a Scottish man
jugs: breasts
juiced up: very drunk
kick it off: start something, a fight with another Brit perhaps
kip: sleep (I need some kip, mate.)
knackered: tired
knock-up: to wake someone up
lairy: loud, brash
larging it: to live large
lip: smart talk
loaded: very rich
lock-in: a term for late-hours in a pub
lolly: money
lost the plot: gone mad (That nutter's completely lost the plot!)
malarkey: stuff and nonsense (What a load of malarkey!)
mate: address for a friend
mental: crazy
miffed: fed up
minger: an unattractive girl
mint: great condition (That's mint, mate.)
mitts: hands
monkey: 500 pounds
moose: an ugly girl
mullered: drunk
munch: food (Time for munch, mate!)
naff: nasty, in poor taste (That's naff!)
nipper: a small child
nosh: food
nugget: a pound coin
nutter: a crazy person
offie: a place where off-license alcohol is sold
off your face: very drunk
out of the tree: nuts
parky: chilly (Parky weather today.)
plank, a fool
ponce: a slacker
ramped: drunk
rat-arsed: drunk
readies: cash on hand (Have any readies? I'm all out.)
ruck: a fight
rug: wig
salt: a loose woman
scrounge: to begg food, materials
shafted: screwed, betrayed
shag: sexual intercourse
shell-like: ear (Can I have a word in your shell-like?)
skirt: a young woman
snog: a french kiss
squire: a term for a working man
sussed out: figured out
tanked: drunk
toerag: a tramp
tom: a prostitute
tooled: drunk
top!: wonderful
trainspotter: a nerd, geek
trots: an upset stomach
up for it: enthusiastically available
up the duff: pregnant
wank: to masturbate
wedge: money
wind up: to tease

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