Sunday, 5 December 2010

Facts about Everything or Anything

Found these whilst surfing so thought I would share them all with you.... Cheer up soon be Christmas

The Tube carries more passengers than the whole of the national rail network.
The optimum time to book a flight is eight weeks before departure.
The Stig was originally going to be called The Gimp.
Milk used to be watered down, then coloured yellow with toxic lead chromate to make it look creamy.
It's possible to watch 28,000 films in a lifetime.
Sumo wrestlers can't use iPhones because their fingers are too fat.
The socks-wTith-sandals look came from the Romans.
Tornados can burn.
Putting a cat in a bin is not illegal.
Traffic jams can last nine days
Apples originated in Kazakhstan.
Ray Winstone turned down the part of McNulty in The Wire.
It is illegal to dry clothes in various parks in Whitstable, Kent. 
The UK's newest submarine will last 25 years without needing to be refuelled.
The Queen washes up.
Tony Blair was nervous meeting Des O'Connor.
Usain Bolt was called VJ as a child, because his mother thought he needed a nickname. It doesn't stand for anything.
Guinness can be deep-fried. 
The biggest crisp factory in the world is in Leicester.
Britons drink less alcohol than the European average.
The salary with optimum happiness is £50,000.
Hull lost 85% of its buildings during the Blitz.
Geoff Capes was a champion budgerigar breeder.
Spiders eat birds. .
A hand dryer can increase germs.
Clint Eastwood turned down playing James Bond and Superman.
The trapped miners in Chile were recycling.
People who rise from their chair quickly are more likely to live longer.
Diners pay more for desserts when they on a trolley.
Happy people give more to charity.
Cancer patients typically make 53 visits to hospital during treatment.
Bubbles lives in Florida.
DJ Paul Oakenfold made about £20,000 a year from the Big Brother theme tune. Tony Blair has has not watched The Queen, in which he features.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, invented bifocal glasses.
When people fall in love they lose on average two close friends.
Subbuteo has a rugby version.
The Pope's aircraft is known as "Shepherd One".
Humans could not digest milk 10,000 years ago.
Oxford University doesn't care whether you can play the flute.

  1. Blowflies can help solve murders.
  2. New Zealand's birds suffer from body odour.
  3. Would-be hobbits should be no more than 158cm (5ft 2ins) tall if male or 153cm (5ft) if female.
  4. Strong winds could have parted the Red Sea.
  5. Children's waistlines have expanded by an average of 12.5cm (4.9ins) since the 1970s.
  6. Ed Miliband can solve a Rubik's Cube in one minute 20 seconds.
  7. Customers using cash machines of the Vatican bank are offered Latin as the preferred language.
  8. The Facebook logo is blue because founder Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour blind.
  9. Northern Ireland has the lowest proportion of out gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the UK.
  10. Denim jeans come from Italy.

Elgar wrote world's first football chant.
The UN has an Office of Outer Space Affairs.
There's a market for mammoth ivory and it sells for £330 per kilogram.
Neanderthals were tech-savvy.
Engineers estimate that 12 to 15 tonnes of rock were needed to have been cleared by the trapped Chilean miners each day.
In French, the words for "inflation" and "fellatio" are very similar.
The first travelator in the UK was at Bank Tube station in London.
Former PM Edward Heath left his home to the nation as a museum when he died.
Intestinal worms can grow to more than 2m long.
Penguins have been around for 36m years.
The world's largest circulation newspaper is the Japanese title Yomiuri Shimbun, selling 15 million copies.
Squirrels can be black.
Chimpanzees can become addicted to smoking.
e in 10 babies born in Europe is conceived in an Ikea bed.
Tarantulas are edible.
People can begin apprenticeships in their 70s.
Adolf Hitler promised to give his foreign minister Cornwall.
Men sweat more efficiently than women.
Sewage can be used to heat homes.
Potatoes can be purple - inside and out.

Chinese apple trees are pollinated by hand.
There have been 39 marriages between Riverdance cast members.
Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are related.
Eighty percent of young women in Finland go to university.
Hermaphrodite dogs exist.
Noise affects taste.
The chairman of Liverpool FC supports Chelsea.
Martin Freeman of The Office turned down the part of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.
Insects are attracted by the colour of wind turbines.
Bilingual children get confused less easily.
Baseball bats make good violins.
Getting drunk quickly is genetic.
King penguins flirt with other penguins of the same gender but tend not to settle down with them.
Leopards' spots are camouflage.
The Vatican likes The Simpsons.
Germans have been blurring their homes on Google Street View.
Sparrows eavesdrop on fighting birds.
Labradors shake their bodies to dry off at a frequency of 4.3 Hz.
Traces of silver can be found on the moon.
A third of iPad owners haven't bothered to download any apps.
Crows go to school.
Flamingos use make-up.
John and Margaret were the most popular baby names for 30 years.
Polar bears wave.
More than half of all Americans dress up at Halloween.
The normal lifespan of an octopus is three years.
Liberalism is genetic.
A footballer can be allergic to grass.
Mount Everest has its own 3G wireless network.
Some 7.2 million British people get by without a wristwatch.
Tea parties were invented in the 1830s.
Which means that the 1773 Boston Tea Party wasn't known by that name until more than 60 years after the event. At the time it was referred to as "the destruction of the tea". 
Adult kingfishers need to catch about 5,000 fish a year to thrive.
Dick Bruna, the man famous for creating children's character Miffy, also created the stick man with a halo in the Saint TV series.
Smokers on average, according to one reckoning, spend an hour a day on fag breaks.
Chips implanted in the eye can, under certain circumstances, let the blind see.

Just thinking you're fit might help you avoid getting colds.
Having fewer brothers and sisters can be good for your education.
It's not just in comedy films that babies can fall from tall buildings, bounce on awnings and be caught by a passer-by. 
And it's not just in sci-fi films that holograms can be sent as messages.
You must be 16 to buy Christmas crackers in the UK.
George W Bush read about 95 books a year when US president. 
Turtles breathe in to float.
Nazis coined the verb coventrierung (literally, to coventrate) to describe total annihilation of a city - Coventry - through aerial bombardment.
One in five people only clean their homes at weekends.
A cat's tongue moves at one metre per second when lapping milk.
The tomb of the unknown soldier was originally the idea of a padre called David Railton.
Aerial massed acrobatics performed by starlings at this time of year are called "murmurations".
Bush crickets have the biggest testicles of any animal, in relation to body weight.
People daydream for nearly half of their waking hours.
Away football teams usually have a 30% chance of winning.
 Babies born with no cheekbones have a condition known as Treacher Collins syndrome.
David Cameron slept on the Mall the night before Prince Charles married Lady Diana.
A solitary church may signal where an entire village once stood.
German shoes are wider than Italian.
It can take 18 years for the foot's bones, muscles and ligaments to harden into adult form.
One in three people aged over 65 will die with dementia.
Dartmoor prison rents land from Prince Charles.
Badgers still occupy setts known since the Domesday Book.
The number of people raising funds for charity has doubled in the last three years.
Fish shrink in winter.
A elephant's cracked tusk requires at least 47 tubes of resin to fill it.
North and South Korea have technically been at war for decades, because no peace treaty was signed in 1953.
The Shard was first designed on the back of a napkin.
The number of schools teaching cheerleading is triple the number that teach judo.
A cup of coffee combined with a 20-minute nap will double the caffeine effect.

Donald Trump's hair is real.
One in four people with HIV in the UK is unaware they have it.
The US president has the power to shut down key computer systems in that country.
Turkey tycoon Bernard Matthews started his business with 20 eggs and a second-hand incubator.

Now you know even more stuff than you really need to :)
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