Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 A retrospective review

2010 has come and gone rather quickly, in fact it has taken exactly a year to do so but if we thought about it there would be lots of days and months that sped by without causing any significant memory.
I guess what I will try and do is piece together the year in as little words as possible for a change.

The highlights of the year

Work conference in Bandung and start of new contract for work 

Another work conference in Jakarta this time 
My distrust of BCA began
I got A/C for the apartment and paid the rent for another year to stay in it

Not much really happened

Bangka Island for a weekend

Kuta Tua (old City ) tours

Floods in the city
Belitung for my birthday

Fun times at Hard Rock cafe

Batavia Marina
Renewing my drivers licence

Celebrating a year of blogging

Spending all my savings for a ticket to England - Thats why the year is very empty
The countdown has begun
Freeflow in the city
My introduction to Blackberry

Bogor and day trips
Motorbike is paid for

Flying home and free holidays in the middle east due to snow
Snow and Christmas in England

So not the busiest of years as I was mainly saving for going back to the UK for a holiday but still lots of fun had. 

And that brings me to now, New Years Eve. Not really sure what I am doing but I will be doing something. I have not done everything I wanted to here but I cant have everything. Hampered by the weather and transport and time I have not seen all those I wanted to. But I know they will understand. 
I should also like to thank my followers for following and my readers for reading and my commentators for er commentating.

My next blog will be in a while as I fly home to Jakarta on Sunday and then on Tuesday I will be in Bali for the week. So maybe after that.

So all that is left for  me to say is 

Thank you all for your support through the year and I wish one and all a very happy, safe, peaceful, eventful, prosperous new year. 

Happy new year Everyone!!!

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