Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley

Some 17th Robert Burns poetry to kick it off, that will really mess with my google search stats!!!! I wonder how many people will have be searching for those words?

Actually it is from an amazing poem which can be read here. What has this have to do with my week and whats going on?


The waiting game is never that pleasant even if it is worth the wait. 4 days now and this will be the last blog from me from the tropics this year and the next one will be from England probably early into the week. So I am looking forward to sharing some of the experiences from Hatto Airport to my home and beyond and then back again.

I spent the last week planning and scheming for everything to be ready and that seems to be quite involved. Some simple advice, if you planning to return back to your native country for a visit, plan and plan wisely if you have little time. Also budget the gifts as to be honest you can get carried away with the feeling to buy everyone you ever knew a gift. Why bother? well its nice but then the danger is, what happens when you forget someone?
The easy answer keep it simple and focus on close family and always spoil your parents. Although dads a pain to buy anything for,  so well,  lets hope he likes it. And you cant go wrong with Kopi Luwak to brighten peoples days!!! So fingers crossed for getting that, tea and other delights through customs and everyone will be smiling.
Keris in Menteng has some amazing stuff not too cheap but not really out of my price range and with less choice it is an easier option than Blok M and the malls that sell all things Indonesian although you can get upto 70% discount it is still hard work and to be honest I am all in favour of the easier option.
From there fully loaded I headed to Semanggi for some more of that excellent shopping experience and finally to a Hero for chocolate and tea! Easy.
I was also wandering about with the money that needed to be cashed into £ pound sterling. From at least 4 money exchangers only £5 was available (60,000 idr) and then after some phones calls there were some possibilities of getting my money changed but later in the week. I guess I should not be too surprised really but then at the end of the day whats the point of money exchangers if they dont have what they advertise selling or buying.
The rates were all around 14250 selling which is ok. Luckily my gf is more tenacious than me and got me a good deal and had the money delivered to her office on Monday.

The thing about leaving work for a holiday this time off year is the need to complete all reports and outstanding work. So reports a go go and teaching and stuff has remained full on but finally there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is pretty all much finished just a few loose ends to tie up and then I can leave the place for a while.

I have been trying to get to my gf's house to pick up the last bits I have  so I am all packed but the rain and traffic has been hampering that one although if I can't make it she will bring it on Saturday. I will try again on Thursday.

Packing not completed yet, lists made and piles of things everywhere at the moment. I hate packing and so am not going to take much but will bring a lot more back.  ( I have a fair few lists of what to bring back as well!!! )

That brings me to my home in England. All I know is that it is cold there at the moment. Currently its around -4 degrees centigrade and here it is 28 degrees centigrade.  That's a big difference and a tad colder than normal for me.


                                              From this                                                                        

To This

 My last 3 Christmas holidays: Lombok 2009, Bali 2008 and England 2007

Mind I do like frozen cobwebs in England in the winter, they are simply nature at its finest and despite my affection for blue skies, seas and yellow beaches, freezing cold foggy mornings in England with big coats and hats to keep warm are just as beautiful. I am certain there will a lot of photos of England this year... and I will be back to Blue Skies, Skies and Yellow beaches in January when I will return to Bali for a week.

Yeay for holidays!!!
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