Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pick and Mix

Short blog really this week as still counting down to Christmas in England and all things cold and snowy.
I have been advised to wear winter clothing when I get there. Well that advice is more than welcome, however thats all well and good but please dont forget that is normally around 30 degrees here on a daily basis and therefore I dont really need jumpers, sweaters, hats and gloves and other random  warm clothing. So I will put a jumper on when I get to my mums house and not really a minute before as I dont have any here to bring with me.

For the rest of the week, really been the usual affair. However with the threat of rain in my part of the city and heavy rain in my gf's part of the city, created some difficulties and annoyances.
Saturday we were supposed to meet at mine and then go into the city for dinner and a movie, however the rain decided to pour Saturday morning which meant all the taxis are used and traffic grinds to a standstill so our plans had to change. I was teaching until 2 and so after getting back to the apartment and then finding a taxi it was gone 3.30pm.
We had already bought tickets for Harry Potters new adventure of standing around in forests being moody, wearing very little in what looked like mid winter and not exhaling visible breath when talking, for 8.30pm and so that meant we had a lot of time to kill.
We were watching the movie at FX next to Ratu Plaza and despite the rain and traffic I got to the mall in under an hour and also by going a different way which was impressive as my Indonesian used actually got the result I needed.
We ate in the Pizza Marzano and then tried to relax in Starbucks for a couple of hours, however the Starbucks there is just not that welcoming or relaxing so getting restless we wandered about the mall for an hour and FX that is a very hard thing to do as there was nothing in there to look at for a change.
So the Deathly Hallows, great on effects and perhaps character development but I felt there was a lot left out of the film to allow for that and so lots of important things that happened were mentioned in passing. However saying that I was did not get bored and did enjoy it overall. I think that over time I will come to appreciate the movie, I actually think it  will look good on a small screen rather than a big one.
There I have said it and discussed it. Lots of hype but like a cheap pie, lots of pastry and little meat!

As I am sure some of you know, I have a BlackBerry, its useful, grown on me and now it seems Nokia was 100 years ago, however never being satisfied I must complain about the battery and the fact it goes flat after around 14 hours, whats that all about?

But to end on a high note and a happy one, I have won a prize or rather a prize from a fellow blogger who was offering to send some Swedish goodies to one lucky person who entered the competition and well, I won!!!
Top news and I am more than happy with that.

The site deserves a huge mention and I urge you all to visit and read ropcorn.com and follow the stories of Alexandra, her dog and her life in Sweden.

Thank you so very much and I look forward to opening it all when I arrive in England :)

While I am here, I think I will mention a couple of other sites that are simply great fun, interesting, highly topical and worth a read, so please follow the links and enjoy.

http://metromad.blogspot.com/ - fantastic, professional and satirical view on all things Indonesia

http://smile4meonline2.blogspot.com/ - Life as a Call Centre Worker in the Philippines, well written and always a delight to read

 http://multibrand.blogspot.com/  - A commentary on all things Legal, Political and Diverse as Indonesia can produce, which is stimulating and inspiring

http://riatumimomor.blogspot.com/ - Great insights into the daily travels of a public transport user here in the city

http://al-terity.blogspot.com/ - a different perspective on life in the archipelago

So there are some other things to read after this and in all honesty you should. They are all worth it.

Det var allt för nu och tackar för att du läser detta och har en bra vecka
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