Thursday, 25 November 2010

A town called Malice

Been a while and I guess I have been lost in my thoughts and concerns over the past couple of weeks, that and I have been nowhere or done much more than sleep, work, eat, sleep.
As I write (this is bit of a brain dump so should it ramble bear with me) 23 days to go to I fly home to England and all that is familiar in a distance way.

My brother who is currently serving in front line defences with the British Army in Afghanistan is also home at the same time and I am really excited about that as not only will I see my parents but my brother, his kids and his wife and it will feel good thats for sure. The rounds of beer will flow long and large and that will be good. Mother, if you are reading this, get a bigger bottle of gin, We will need to down a few large ones!!!

I gave my passport in today to be processed and have the correct stamp from Immigration put in it so I can leave and enter Indonesia legally and without any issue. I hope that Immigration are kind enough to leave me alone at the departure points and wont menace me for money or anything else like they like to with people. So that bits done and that good.

A schedule is slowly being formed for England and then destroyed and a new one written, I really dont know what I will do when I get back but I will try and see as many as I can weather and energy permitting and I am hoping some will come and visit me which is also a great idea.

I also signed my contract for another year in Sunny Jakarta which for me personally is a great relief and so it means I can focus now on other things as that been a bit of a bind and worry for me (slightly under expressed but it will do). That also means that this blog will continue for a while longer and  it means I can put some other ideas and a new blog into play from 2011 something I am looking forward to.

And that's about it for now really except a photo from this mornings queues near UKRIDA university next to Tanjung Duren. Astounding.

So other things which I am enjoying the city other than the traffic!!!

The Walking Dead on FX, Jaffa Cakes from England, Very loud thunder, My BB (really) and fighting the viruses and malware on my computer at work!!!

As for a town called Malice? Not only is it a top song but it strikes a chord:

"Better stop dreaming of the quiet life,
Cos its the one you'll never know.
And quit running for that runaway bus
'cos those rosy days are few

and stop apologising for the things you never done
'cos time is short and life is cruel but it's up to us to change
this town called Malice"

Happy Days and for those that enjoy Christmas here is a top video telling you its coming.... 1 month to go

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