Sunday, 28 February 2010

Aphrodites, Starbucks, National Holidays

Another week ends with the sound of thunder above, lightning all around and the rain pouring. A 4 day week as there was a national holiday on Friday. Pay day also this week which was nice but the downside March is a 5 week month so its gonna be a long un.
I was asked recently that my blog about my life in Jakarta only focuses on the challenges and downbeat part of life rather than all the good things. I kinda disagree as this blog is my perception of my time here. I may moan and groan and go on some and fell down hearted some weeks about stuff I have to do but at the end of the day I have to say that I do enjoy my life here. I find living in a city of 20 million people great fun and I think my job is a fantastic one, one which brings many experiences and joys everyday. Teaching for me is something I never thought I would enjoy but I do. Being the Director of Studies is more than teaching, its managing, developing, organising and caring for those I am charged to look after, be it students or teachers.
Living in Jakarta is also an amazing experience and I have had and continue to have many fun times here and I learn and see something new everyday.

However with the good comes the bad. Work is an obligation and the vehicle of my life here. I could not do anything with out that and work is not always a bed of roses, whose job is? Jakata is also a tough city, not a pedestrian paradise but a motor city. Its hot. Its smells and it has some of the worst air quality in the world. And for those that have not experienced those things I try to explain them away.
Right enough of that. Frankly, its my blog and thoughts and if you dont really like it, then please dont read it. Comments are more than welcome, good, bad or ugly I dont mind. Never forget I came here 4 years ago and I have not left.

Work has been full on all week with the aim to speak to all the teachers on a 1 to 1 basis to have a review and see what is going on. I felt it was very productive and I got a lot from it and so that was good for me. The classes also were good. I finally caught up with my private student and a few hours in starbucks was useful to find out what has been happening and also to relax a little and take it easy. Then back to the real world and back to work.
Friday was a holiday so school was closed and I did venture in on Saturday mainly as i had a stack of papers to sift and also to to be ready for next week as I like to plan ahead. It was though, hetic as lots of interviews and charts and forms to be made so I really never got that far ahead and still have lots to do for next week.
I am genuinely busy and I like that. It does give me a boost and a great sense of achievement.
King Rat? maybe lol or Reginald Perrin, maybe a mixture of both.

So work was full on. Lucky for me then that I have had a week of stomach upset, rushing to the toilet and starvation to help get passed it. Coffee, Beer and Indonesian food have not helped! 6 days later its pretty much the same but I know I am getting better.

Friday was a great day. Woke late, Yovita came round and we went to Puri Mall for lunch and coffee. Yovita  had some study to do and so we sat in Starbucks and did that. Well. she did I just read for an hour. The thing about Starbucks is that in Puri the kids sit about there for hours playing cards and not doing much, it is always so busy. After a while I went and got my haircut by Carrefour and that felt so much better. The last time was in Bali.

After work on Saturday I got home pretty much went to sleep for a few hours. I was tired. I have been for a while, maybe cos of my stomach maybe cos I don't sleep much at night and suffer from Insomnia. There is nothing better than waking at 3am everyday and staying awake until 6 or 7 and then going back to sleep. It is absolutely horrible. It plays havoc with my moods.
Anyway around 5 I left with Yovita to go out for the evening to meet some Friends in Aphrodites Sports bar. Its a nice place. Its the place I left on New Years eve as it was rubbish but in the middle of a normal week and with some friends it is a good place. Buy 1 get 1 free on large Pitchers of beer, good food and good company. A little drunk and around 10pm we left and then had to find an ATM as I had no cash, Thats always a fun thing in Jakarta. Once we found one, I dropped Yovita home and then took the toll so I could change the 100k notes and then pay the taxi driver.
On Sunday I went to see Yovita as she left some stuff at mine which she needed. The city was quieter than normal due to the long weekend and so riding the bike through it was nice, with the exception of the driving rain in one section and the intense heat throughout. The thunder was intenese.
Got the biked cleaned made Yovita smile and came back home after a few hours being chased all the way by the rain.

Not sure what this week will bring. I am sure lots of work and things to do. I must get the bike serviced and also run a workshop and do some more teacher things at work. The list never ends. Focus now though is saving for England. Donations welcome. I have 10 months pretty before I will be there for a holiday, unless I get fired then I will be there for a lot longer. But thats December, And I wont get fired.....

Ho hO Ho
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