Monday, 15 February 2010

Google Buzz, Headaches and more rain

The week started well to be honest, then like the rain kinda fell down at speed. IT was a funny old week really.
3 teachers short, 1 trapped in Lombok, 2 on another island and it stayed like that until Friday really when they all came back.
The bi weekly meeting did go well and there was a lot positive comment and ideas and it was good to have. I had to cancel it by a day but that never mattered.
My private business client never showed but I do understand how busy he is so thats ok.
The headaches came and went, some real, some people, some mental but over all they were enough to try me and annoy but nothing more. I have landed yet another private student (they ask for me personally, apparently they like me teaching them, phew..) so that now means working late until 9pm every night and teaching on a Saturday as well as my admin work that I do as well.
So no beer.
Like a fool I forgot that it my 3rd year celebration with Yovita so after some backtracking I sorted that out. I will do something nice for her soon and so that will help.
I really dont like talking about work on here as I dont know who reads this, suffice to say that it has been difficult, the new teachers are great and there does seem to be a change in the air. I have one leaving this week and another will leave in March, from there who knows.
The other thing is that there is quite a lot of unwelcome pressure from above about quality and standards and that has been more told than supported and whilst thats ok, sometimes there is only so much that will happen so quickly.

There has been more rain in the week and when it has not been raining it has been dammed hot, up in the high 90's which is all very nice until you are stuck in the traffic and melting. Same with the rain, I dont mind deep floods until stuck in traffic.
On Saturday the roads were covered in all sorts and so therefore so was I. The rain was really heavy and not very kind so I just got covered in shit and showered when I got home.

The AC is good though and keeps the place cool through the day even though it is not even on. Its on all night then off all day. Though I do wonder how much it is going to cost and the sad thing is I cant hear the thunder any more.

Saturday was spent home along and so once I had finished work, sleep was nice and some tv and reading. It was a quiet way to spend Saturday. Sunday I went to see Yovita, well it was valentines day and so spent the day with her and that too was relaxing. I really must get a sofa though as the chairs here are beginning to be unfriendly.
So a quiet weekend all in all. I say quiet the Chinese new year fireworks passed by very loudly on both Saturday and Sunday and the valentines day was good too.
There is talk of Valentines day being banned in Indonesia as it represents bad things in islam, although I cant quite see why.
You really should read the jakarta globe ( and see what wacky things these crazy guys are dreaming up out here now. The latest is the fear that they will start to censor twitter, facebook etc like China and other countries. We will see.

So its the year of the tiger and thats got to be good. I have no idea why but it has to be. Surely every new year is better than the last. I was born in the year of the rat.
I joined Google Buzz, thats new and supposed to over take FB and Twitter. Basically you can add all your social networks and friends also under gmail which is really a good idea, although I dont know anyone who has a gmail id except those I work with and about 2 others. But I will work at it. I am liking gmail more and more as it allows me to do so much from one place, better than Yahoo. So I set myself up a new account and it pull in all my email from all over the place. lreg72 is my id if you care to email me.

Overall a quite work focused week, full of the thrills and spills of work and riding through the city. This week could be more fun.....
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