Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hotels, Conferences, Swimming

At some point, I really should say something positive about the work I do and the amount of energy that I put into it. Maybe I am not doing anything and I am just riding my luck and seeing where it goes or perhaps I am trying but as I like to say, I am pushing water up hill with a rake, something that is not very easy or useful.
I have spent the week totally focused on EF yet again and any one that says I dont care needs a punch in the head.
Another stressed out week which has been up and down. A teacher left and that went exceptionally bad and it was all my fault apparently yet I dont control anything. So as well as teaching and planning and preparing for a 2 day conference with 1 days notice and helping, discussing, supporting, annoying and getting stressed seemed to do no good but there we go. 
Fed up and it was only Tuesday.
The conference for EF SWARA was being held in Hotel Boroburdur, a 4 star luxury place full of meeting rooms, big beds and great food. 
The hotel has more security than the airport and the service was marginally better. For more information follow the link.
However I enjoyed my stay there, especially as it is free and it is a new place to have visited and stayed in. The conference was a good 2 full days and I had to present to the group on teaching certain classes and was involved in a lot of discussions and debate. I enjoy that as it allows free speaking and generates good ideas. 
The food and drink throughout was also really good.
We have all come away from the conference with a head full of things to do and so next week I will make a start and am resolved to get it right.

The evening meal was in Sate Senayan in Jacksa and it was ok, not the best. They had beer. I liked that. 

After the conference I met Yovita and we sat down to eat in Pizza hut (how I needed some western food) and then starbucks to keep Yovita smiling. That was a good way to finish the day.

Back to work on Friday and I never stopped, I have seminars, teaching and assessments all day and then back to school Saturday to carry on. I like working Saturday mornings, always a chance to catch up and reflect. 
Leaving I noticed the clouds gathering and the wind kicking up, so I have to ride a lot faster through the streets to get home before the rain and the rain did come for 4 hours fell. That was lucky. 
However with the rain, no taxis so Yovita and I stayed home ate more pizza and got slightly more fatter.

Sunday was the opposite of Saturday. It was very very hot. Weekends always seem hotter. I decided to go swimming and noticed security guards and management looking up at somewhere in tower K which is directly over the pool. I stayed down the opposite end from them and as I watched someone was throwing broken glass into the pool and over the people watching. I hope someone took that person away and made them suffer.
The pool was closed and completely cleaned and I must say that was a good thing to see being done.

Mondays coming. New Week new spirit ( I do sound Indonesian, I like these phrases....)

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