Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Paradise Thail Style part 2

Ao Nang is a lovely or beautiful part of the world and simply stunning. The beach resort is overlooking huge rock formations that stick out of the sea and with the sea being very salty and calm a great place to float and do nothing.
That is exactly what we did for most of the day. Yovita went for a massage and I spent about 2 hours in the sea before going off for a walk down to the ends of the beach to look at well whatever. One end was boats the other end was monkeys and a brook. The weather, well hot and sunny. The sea temp relaxing. The beer was cold.
After lunch we took a walk over the side of the hill to a private beach resort which had a private quay and so after some kind words to the security guard I walked along this. It was like walking on polystyrene tied together with string. Lots of fish though and breath taking views as I was about 100m out to sea but walking about.
The rest of the afternoon was spent really drinking tea and swimming. The nights adventures involved drinking a bottle and a bit of Samsung Thai whiskey rum and then eating hot and spicy Thai noodles.
IT was a good night.
The next day was the boat trip. I like boat trips. It was a trip around 4 islands, no idea what they were called. Before this we had to book ferry tickets to Phi Phi island and at this point it turned out that the ferry got back after my flight but also my flight may be later than I had scheduled and so it left me in a bit of a quandry. At 10pm at night no one seemed to be able.
Before breakfast Yovita and I wandered through the early morning rain looking for an internet cafe and an open travel agent. On checking I had no email from Air Asia but the travel agent confirmed my flight had change. So we went along with the trip to Phi Phi.
The boat trip was great. Snorkelling off the boat, off an island, sunburn so strong it just hurt all day and great food from a seaborne bbq.
The beaches we white sand and the fish were hungry and seemed to like all foods including chicken, corn on the cob and bananas.
Yovita did her first snorkelling and whilst I dont think she will do it again she did try it and it was a good attempt.
The fish off the beach were limited but off the boat in the sea were plenty and it was great just jumping in and snorkelling for 30 mins.
The trip on the boat lasted most of the day. Sadly Yovita was ill after the 2nd island and fell asleep. Heat, fear of Tony tipping the boat and some travel sickness did not help but she survived the trip and a hot bath later she was ready to hit the town. Another night on the sauce and this time we found a hippie bar with strange drunk people and good music. Yovita danced all night, I drank a lot of alcohol and danced and then spicy noodles at 3am before sleep.
Breakfast was not appreciated at 10am thats for sure.
Starbucks beckoned andso coffee and some good thai food followed by far too much icecream left us wondering what to do. We took a tuk tuk to a traditional open market and went for a wander. Amongst the flies could be found great sea foods, meat cheap clothes and all sorts of other things. So every one was happy.
The meal that night was just the 4 of us Tony, Lotus, Yovita and I as Cathy etc had there own plans. We found all you could eat BBQ for 250 bht and happy hour buy one get one free drinks and settled down for the night. Around midnight, feeling far too full and merry we went back to the beach and let some thai lanterns off. This involved lighting a big burning lump of something, letting the lantern fill with gas and then letting it go. That was good fun.

Next day bright and breezy we got a mini bus to the port of Krabi, boarded the ferry sat down and watched the sea and flying fish go by until Phi Phi.
Phi Phi is as the post cards show. Stunning.

You arrive by ferry and are met naturally by 200 people asking if you need hotels, diving food etc. There are no vehicles in Phi Phi. The only people with motor bikes are the police. The roads are far too narrow for cars. But there are many bikes and handcarts rushing about.
A steady march to the villas and we were home for the rest of the stay.
The villas are lovely. Facing the pool, 1 minute from the bar which is directly on the sand. So great. The rooms are large and AC. However the lights in the shower room is small and makes that dark but no worries. It is a wonderful place.
Dumping our bags we went straight out to look around and find things and our where abouts. The village is a mass of streets and shops and bars and hotels and actually easy to get lost but also retrace your steps at the same time.
After about an hour ( I remember we were in search of Coffee) we found a bar with italian coffee and pasta for 120bht. So we tucked and chilled out. After back to the beach for a swim and then the bar for beer.
The evening was spent drinking and having fun and mainly getting very drunk.
We missed breakfast the next day. So we went and found some. The massage that followed was great, a few clicks for me and a chance to snore in public. The weather was still blue skies and sun and so the tan was coming on nicely.
The party that night was in the rain. Liverpool v Man U first with beer and then after a while we staggered to another bar got back on the buckets and 4 buckets later, Tony and I were roaring drunk and dancing and generally having far too much fun.
So it was time for 2am swimming in the sea. Always fun, especially when the cameras stayed at home. Swimming when drunk by a bar in Thailand with alcohol at your reach is the best.
Dont know when I got back.
No breakfast.
The rest of the stay in Phi Phi was pretty much the same really. Massage, good food and lots of beer.
The last night was great, I had too many chilis and then finished off a litre of bacardi with tony and also had 1/4 wheel of danish blue and at 2am possibly not the best thing.
Going home day always the least fun. Leaving Thailand, Phi Phi and most importantly my good friends is always hard but such is life.
Our flight was at 2pm. The ferry is to get to Krabi at 12.30. The flight from KL to JK is at 7pm. Easy
Yeah right!

Feeling like its going to be runny shit all day after, chili, cheese and bacardi, I had water and melon for breakfast. The ferry had to be late so it was. It took 2 hours instead of an1.5 hours and so I was getting unsurprisingly a little sweaty. But its ok.
We got to the pier and the taxi was waiting. A fast car took us to the airport. We checked in by 1pm so I was happy again. The toilet made me even happier. So after washing my hands and drying them, it was hugs all round and I said goodbye to Tony and Lotus (Cathy and family flew later) and we went through to international departures. Which was a bunch of chairs and a coffee kiosk. Sprite helped the belly so I was smiling again.
The flight (the only flight) from Krabi to KL is it only could be late. It was an hour late. I am not sure how to write my feelings of 'for fucks sake' but that is what I felt.
Knowing how tight the check in times were for KL I was not best pleased. I think Yovita felt some of this and  I am sorry about that.
The flight eventually took off and we landed at KL at the furthest part of the airport to immigration possible. Luckily we were sat near the front so I made Yovita run while I walked very fast across half the airport to... yes you guessed it. A full immigration lounge moving slower than a fat cat in the sun.
Queuing behind a 8 indians all with visa paperwork the clocked ticked slowly by. We needed to clear immigration, get the bags, check in and get back through immigration in about 45 mins. At 5.40pm we got through Immigration. Then rushed to the baggage got that then found the check in desk, checked in at 6.10pm. We fly at 6.50. So just made it.
Back through Immigration, quick pee and then shopping in Duty free for everything we never bothered to buy anywhere else, a bad sandwich and ice tea and our flight was called. Totally worn out from rushing about, we got on the plane and headed home.
I have completed 6 departure and arrival cards and so I am not able to write on planes with turbulence and the storm between KL and JK was a strong so nice and bumpy.
Finally we landed at JK on time and back on home turf. Strolling to immigration as there is no hurry I joined the queues. Told Yovita to stand in the Indonesian queue and I was through in 5 minutes, with even a smile and welcome from Immigration!!!
I went and got the bags and fought people off to get them. Bags sorted, Yovita arrived. Cleared immigration. Then the madness of outside at arrivals. I do arrivals when collecting new teachers and it is nothing like getting them It was total chaos. Go away is a phrase used more than once as I did not want a taxi, watch, hotel or bus ride. Just a blue bird taxi to get home
And by 9,30pm. We were home, unpacked, showered and worn out.

I can safely say that I had never needed a break from life so much as Thailand gave me and it was great to chill out with best friends in a great place and just unwind. I do enjoy Thailand and what it offers. I find time on a Thai island is so chilled, more so than an Indonesian one. Everything was and is always good.

My next adventure outside the country is a long way off I fear. It should be the UK, and home for lunch at mothers. We will see.

I do need to get a passport pdq as I am down to the last page and so that will cost and frustrate the plans for christmas. But I do need one and so that is my next random Indonesian adventure.

I am back now at work and have been for 3 days. It is full on and  so there is much to write about. Its Tuesday morning. I will write soon. Maybe Friday.

Zohan has just finished. The area in blackout and I writing this thanks to the apartments backup powersupply. Love it and hate it at the same time.

Oh and its so hot tonight as well. That dont help. See you
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