Thursday, 12 November 2009

And its such a nice place to live.....

Dont have nightmares but it appears my little home is in murder central!!! News about killing etc is not often reported or I never look for it, but this is making bigger news than normal as there have been 3 murders here in the past year that I can find out about on the internet. But then there is 20 million people in the city and greater Jakarta, or 1/3 of the total population of the UK, so it sounds worse than it is.

Mediterania Apartments is a large complex of towers full of life. There are many things happening here. I am in Tower complex 2 and they are all new. From what I am told Tower 1 is full of students and young people whilst 2 seems to be more adult and young couples.

The stories about drugs etc have been told to me now I live here, no wonder the Africans are given such a wide berth.

I always lock the door.

Police optimistic in hunt for third Mediterania killer

Indah Setiawati ,  The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta   |  Thu, 11/12/2009 9:24 PM  |  Jakarta
The police are getting closer to finding a suspect in the murder of Setianti Retno Dewi, 24, who was found dead in her bathroom in Mediterania Garden 2 Apartment building in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta.
“We have obtained information from witnesses, which we believe will lead us to the perpetrator,” Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said Thursday.

He said the police had gathered information from seven witnesses, including the victim's boyfriend, identified only by initial S., a female domestic worker who was the first to find the body, and the apartment building’s security officers.

“We cannot reveal their information. We promise to reveal the case once the murderer is nabbed.”

He said the murder was likely the work of one perpetrator because the victim, who had only moved to the apartment nine days earlier, was a female who lived alone.

Boy said the police found out that the victim's three mobile phones and a handbag were missing from the apartment. He said theft could be a possible motive behind the murder, but refused to speculate further.

Setianti, a student from the Institute of Finance (STAN) and a freelance model, was only wearing underwear when she was found dead with wounds to her head, near a toilet bowl Wednesday afternoon.

Woman killed in Mediterania Apartments

Wed, 06/10/2009 1:01 PM  |  City
JAKARTA: A 30-year-old woman identified as Jovita Sagita was found dead in her 18th-floor Mediterania Apartment in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta, Tuesday afternoon.
The police is still investigating the crime scene and has not declared the cause of death, although they suspect she was murdered after finding a 20-centimeter-long knife covered in blood in the apartment.
"We are currently questioning security guards and checking the CCTVs for any further clues," said Tanjung Duren Police chief Comr. Jhony Iskandar, Tuesday evening.
Jhony said Jovita's neighbors found her lying face down in a pool of her own blood. - JP

JAKARTA: The Jakarta Police on Saturday arrested a man and a woman on charges of killing a man in an apartment in West Jakarta.
According to a police statement released last weekend, M. Hamson Elvatri Entazero, 47, and Irma Widya Astuti, 24, were arrested in Surabaya, East Java, after police conducted a two-month investigation into the murder of Petrus Indra Tjuatja, 47.
The murder took place in late May.
The two allegedly killed Petrus by stabbing him when he was asleep in his unit on the 8th floor of the Mediterania Tower Apartments, on Jl. Gajah Mada.
The murder took place during the day, the statement said.
One of the suspects, Irma, was Petrus' girlfriend in 2005.
The police confiscated four mobile phones and Rp 210,000 (about US$23) in cash from the suspects. -- JP

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