Sunday, 22 November 2009

The future is not like 2012

Apparently, because the movie does not agree with Islamic faith it is said it will be banned here. How it is connected to any faith is beyond me. Anyway, seen it, enjoyed the special effects, liked the sheer drama of it all and was bored with the underlying theme of reuniting families and to be caring and sharing. It filled some time on the weekend and it was spent with Yovita and so that was great. Sadly / Luckily New Moon has yet to appear here so I can watch that in the near future. Can Wait for that!
So another week rolled by in Jakarta and really what fun. Lots of things happening in the city and the weather is definately on the turn and it is windy and rainy and stormy and cooler and in the evening rather cold.
The weather on Monday was bad. I had to get to work as there was a meeting I needed to attend (that never happened but these things do go on) and when I left the apartment it was torrential. Riding in torrential rain on a motorbike with flip flops and waterproofs and a open face helmet keeps you about 80%b but how it hurts. The rain hitting the face and mouth at 50kph is painful. Slowing down of course is not an option.
I have more private classes that I am trying to give to the other teachers to make life a little more easy and I can concentrate on the teachers rather than teaching. I have another private IELTS and also a CEO of a land selling business who is a very busy man and a kind and polite man so I am enjoying teaching that class. I do enjoy all my classes as they are all great and different. The crazy class of 6 year olds are great fun although I do have a hoarse voice at the end of the class for the shouting and screaming that i have to do to keep the kids under control. Lots of games and running around to keep them happy and keep the lessons going.

I managed to extend my life here for another year. After a lot of worry and deliberation and thinking I have accepted the contract to stay as DoS at Puri for another year. Yes it means I aint coming back to the UK any time soon but it does mean I can continue the life and the fun and the good times here and that I have an opportunity to continue travelling here and spend time living my life here. I have lots of things I want to do next  year.
The contract is fair enough with targets and bonuses and also it allows me to develop academically. I am not really in it for the money so it does not drive me that much but the lifestlye, friends and my gf are the things I enjoy the most here and thats just as important as the job. The work next year will be just as hard and challenging and I am looking forward to that and what challenges it brings me.
So thats the broadcasted news to the world. So far only 5 people know of my plans for 2010 but thats because I have not told anyone. Mind no-one has asked so there is that. Actually I never walked out from the meeting singing and clicking my heels in a Fred Astaire dance routine rather strolled out of there thinking well thats that and lets hope for a good 2010 to counter the ups and downs. I am not complacent about it more ok and lets see what I can do to become more successful and more competent at my role.

Lunch with the owner was interesting, no not the pep talk and chat about what needs to happen next but the food. Cows skin, Jack fruit and Fried chicken. Not KFC style but  just a whole fried chicken, head, feet an all. It was ok, I have been to better places with him. It was truly Javanese food and the chicken was good although I stayed away from the head.

My immediate manager has Dengue and I hope she will be ok, it leaves a huge gap at school and it shows and that as normal increases the frustration by about 100%.
Top EF news this week. What happens if we die. Asia cremates in 24 hours and if my family cant be reached I am toast. I am not sure what I want to happen in that case, however i do know I dont want to be forgotten and just a memory. Maybe I should make a will or something or give someone access to my email etc so it can be opened when I am a shadow.
Anyway, I told the teachers that one. That caused general mirth and shock. I hope I will recieve training on how to tell someone their child has died. Dont see that bit in the Job description but better i do it that anyone else (indonesian) as they can be a little tactless.
So everyone is completing emergency contact forms. Useful, especially as with the latest ferry disaster and the weather at the moment and also we will all disperse over christmas.

Speaking of which, great times are coming. Lombok is where I shall be on Christmas Day. Sun, Coconut Trees, Gin and maybe turkey but the sun, sand, gf and a few gins will help celebrate it greatly.
Our plan is fly over to bali late, stay in Kuta for 2 nights at the new Air Asia Tune Hotels (cheap and cheerful) get drunk and sunburnt, then take a ferry to Lombok on Christmas Eve, stay at Senggigi for a few days, then back to Bali and then fly back to Jakarta.
For New Year, going to check into a hotel and then hit a bar all night, which will mean me getting wasted and probably stripping again in the bar and Yovita carrying me home and then hopefully she will enjoy that bit too!!!
I know I will.

So Christmas is sorted. I am happy with that

Superman is on HBO the original. Fantastic. Twilight was on but that was rubbish.

That was my week. I had a great Italian food on Saturday before the movie and also had the chance to ride around the city but I do need to get the bike serviced..

Lets see what this week brings. Need to get back to the gym, went once again this week. I know I know but I will overcome....

I am sure that more happened this week but I cant really remember all of it. Oh yes the apartment has new doors etc to the elevators and no one is allowed in after the murders. I will report more about that later on in the week and about the traffic. Time to go and watch Christopher Reeve do his stuff.
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