Sunday, 15 November 2009


Since Tuesday work went crazy. There is now Overtime, students on Saturday and everything kinda fell into place all at once. Sure there are the ongoing battles of arrival times and quality of lessons but actually it felt pretty good. It did fall apart on Friday though what with heavy rain, No power and a then the school testing the power to make sure it works after the power was restored. This involved turning the power on and off. A pain in the ass.

I never made it to the gym this week as well I am suffering from a few ailments at the moment. The first is working 9am to 8pm which makes me very tired and with the weather chucking rain at me and the lack of power making me sweaty and hot gave me no interest in going running on a treadmill for 40 minutes and then through some weights about for another 20. The second was really tied up in the answer above. Tiredness. And finally, lazy disease. I am the worst person to get motivated to go to the gym. I so need to go to the gym.
So in order to combat the laziness I will be going tomorrow morning. Before school.

The weather has been exceptional in all ways. Bright sunny days, melting temperatures and then rain so hard makes the face hurt riding a motorbike. The rainy season is coming or maybe it has arrived. The storms are terrific and traffic stopping. I left on Friday at around 7pm, fed up with the heat, power and just being at work and ventured into the rain. Now my normal way home and to work is pretty much a straight line. It follows the toll way. However the toll way is slightly higher than the road and so all the rain water runs onto the road which is annoying. Knowing this and seeing the traffic I took the other way to home. Now this was probably a good move even though it took me 50 minutes to get home. The reason for that was the fact that the rain was so heavy that it was about 20cm deep in places and rising and the houses and shops were already starting to flood. The traffic was slowed down by flooded roads, The rain, sheer volume of traffic and the mini vans that stop on bends and prevent traffic for getting by. Then by the rivers there are huge excavators which are clearing the mud etc from them so the road is now only one way. Needless to say I was soaked through, My shoes have dried and shrunk and turned white with all the salt inside them. But I got home and that was the main thing. Lesson learnt, bring more shoes. Something to consider for the rest of the rainy season.
My bike also now has started not to start without being kick started which is a pain so I better get that fixed.
Not upset but frustrated as everything always seems to happen at once.

My free internet is a pain in the ass and I am lucky it is free as I cant really complain too much when it does not connect which is pretty much 50% of the time. I tried to use MSN live messenger but I have to download everything again and as I tried to do that it disconnected. 3 hours later it reconnected. Rubbish.
Anyway, I had a bill from the free internet company. Now I admit I do owe a months outstanding useage before it went to free but I did not expect a bill for something just short of a million or 4 x as much. I am in the process of sorting that out. It sounds about right for this country, as nothing is simple or made to be simple.
I will keep you informed.

Saturday was spent at work and that was ok. I managed to catch up with all that was outstanding and the class that was scheduled went well and so that was a relief for me. The CC team dont seem to be too busy but I know there is enough for me to be doing.
I then went to see Yovita at hers and the afternoon was spent sorting out her CV and a few other things. I like the area where she lives as it is so full of life, noise, people and activity.I am sure that it would drive me nuts to live there but its nice to visit.
Managed to book tickets to Bali for Christmas at a steal for 2 people. 2.7 million or £170 return with Lion Air which was about £60 cheaper than Air Asia. Now the decision is now do we hire a bike and take the ferry across to Lombok or just take a fast boat or do we just explore Bali, go to the east coast and the north east of the island to the volcanoes and lakes. I will see.
The next thing is for New Years eve and what to do. I will get a hotel room so that we are in the city and then find a bar to hold up to 2am. Then stagger out and collapse in the hotel.

I spent all day cleaning the apartment and it is nice and shiney again. It has been a really cool day here and the beer was nice and cold. I am watching 88 minutes and well its crap. Thats for sure. I need to get to the movies and watch 2012 but I am more interested in watching Paranormal Activity and not sleeping for 4 or 5 nights so that sounds fun.

A busy old week and only 4 weeks to the Christmas break. I cant wait.
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