Saturday, 7 May 2016

Jeremy is 3

3 years ago a little boy arrived into my world and since then everything has changed and the world became bigger and smaller at the same time. 3 years ago is a long time but watching Jeremy grow everyday has meant time has gone quicker.
3 is a big step for us all and he has become his own person and despite being very stubborn and sometimes a little too excited or active but his language acquisition of both Indonesian and English, motor control, memory,
He is a happy go lucky and responsive little boy as well as an eating machine. His imagination and creativity grows and grows and all this will help him no end when it comes to school and his future.

And he was 3 on Tuesday. For me, 3 means no longer a baby or toddler but rather a little boy. He still has needs and behaviours that he will out grow. Toilet training and milk bottles are a couple of the key ones.

But being 3 it was time to celebrate and do something special for him. So knowing how he likes fish, we went to sea world.

off we go

I last went to sea world in 2007 and as far as I remember it hasn't really changed much. It was closed for a period of time due to some problem with land ownership but happily it is open now.

With mum looking at fish

Seaworld is in north Jakarta in recreational park called Ancol. We took a grab car to Ancol and the journey was quick and quite cheap compared with a taxi (80k for the car instead of 100k + for a taxi). Then we had to pay 145K for entrance to Ancol. There were 5 of us and a car so that soon added up.

Outside with mum
Seaworld cost 80k each and Jeremy being over 80cm also had to pay the 80k. It is 90k on the weekend. We were there fairly early and so the place was empty. Upon seeing the fish tanks and the fish he went slightly mad with excitement which was to be expected.

Also very dark inside

Stair way

Inside the walkway

Inside Seaworld there are a lot of tanks of fish and a few sharks. There is the tunnel to walk under fish so you can see Rays and big fish. There were some touching pools and thats aobut it. No crabs or octopus or other little sea creatures. Sharks and fish and eels. But still he loved it.

Touching turtles with Belvan
The only photo we could take as he wanted to run around
We stayed for around an hour as to be honest there are only so many fish to look at and being hungry we took another grab car and headed into traffic to go to the city. Our grab car driver was clearly a fan of driving and so took us a long way round to Senayan City Mall which never dodged the traffic rather headed straight into it. Still we there was no rush. After eating and buying cakes we headed home for presents and cake.

Jeremy still does not understand birthdays but I am sure he will understand Christmas this year. But he understood parcels and presents and was excited to open the ones he got.

It was very kind of the friends and family that bought him gifts, he loves them all

More clothes and books to wear and read and his first Duplo lego from us has made him a very happy boy and he hasn't stopped playing with it all yet.

The cake we bought was a nice chocolate cake and he always enjoys blowing out the candles.

Cutting the cake is lots of fun

And that was my boy's special day and fun and tiring it was too. He fell asleep around 7pm worn out but happy. Next year he is 4. School approaches...

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