Saturday, 23 April 2016

A night away

With Yovita sunning herself in Bali I was left literally holding the baby and having to work and so instead of sitting at home and watching TV, I took Jeremy to Batavia Apartments last weekend so we could both a have a night away. It might seem kind of pointless or expensive but a night away often does me good and its fun to have to look after Jeremy on my own and its a bit of bonding.

If or when I ever have enough money,  I would like to live in Batavia Apartments as the apartments are huge, have lots of natural light and offer great views of the city in all directions. Its also close enough to everything to be also a perfect place, but for now I am content renting an apartment for the odd night and enjoying what there is on offer.

So, after rushing about in the morning shopping and gathering the things we both needed we headed to the apartments and checked in. Given a room on the 27th floor commanded some great views and it was enough for us both.  A little trip to the local shops for things I had forgot and then TV on, toys on the floor and relax.

Big bedroom 
Jeremy exploring the apartment

The view in the evening
At night

That's pretty much what we did until midday Sunday when we went to pick Yovita up at the airport. Jeremy fell asleep around 6.30pm which was nice but we were awake at 3 and it took him a while to go back to sleep. The morning was spent playing and tidying up and watching TV. He was happy enough and enjoyed running about the place and opening all the cupboard doors and playing with the gas oven, even though he was told off every time he went near it, he carried on trying.

Later on the Sunday I took him to the Airport to pick Yovita up. Her brother drove us and so Jeremy was happily singing and shouting at things as we went by them in the car. The airport fascinated him because he could see air planes, buses, long lines of baggage trolleys being pushed around as well as lots of space to run, which he likes the most. And of course meeting mum.

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