Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hotel Atlet Century Jakarta

Recently for something to do we stayed overnight in a hotel in the city. We do this a lot as we enjoy staying in hotels and doing nothing all day and night. This time was the Hotel Atlet Century or Century Park Hotel. It is the same place but is known through those different names.

The hotel is really well situated in the city and is walking distance to FX mall, a short journey from Senayan City and Plaza Senayan and across from the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium and running tracks, expo center and things so it is ideal for many reasons.

We booked the hotel through which is supposed to be cheaper and easier to pay. We reserved the room through a credit card and was expecting to pay through it as well but when we checking in, the card had not been processed so we paid in cash instead. The strange thing was that when we used the same website to book a room in Bandung,  the credit card was charged on the day of arrival. So that left me a little confused.

The room we were in was pretty nice. It was bigger than what we normally get for the same price but it was basic and a little old. There was a strange smell which could be probably explained away by the fact the room was probably a smoking room and no one has cleaned the curtains recently, but despite all that, it was clean and tidy and everything worked.

The Bathroom was big but despite its size just had a shower. The taps were loose and it was not in the best condition but was very clean.

The fact the hotel was next to a mall was a good thing and so that meant we could eat outside of it and get some bits and pieces for the night. Running out of nappies was also let annoying for the same reason.

Breakfast was great with lots of choice and although the food was not that warm, there was plenty of it and I do enjoy eating my way through as much as a I can before Jeremy gets excited and runs off.  After breakfast we went for a walk into Car Free Sunday and took Jeremy to see the toy sellers and to let him run about a bit which he enjoyed.

View from the window
Although we enjoyed it there, with the sheer amount of quality and new Hotels through the city, we will keep on moving to another and another so I doubt we will return any time soon.

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