Saturday, 28 May 2016

May 2016

Its been a funny old month, this one for many reasons.  It's been super hot and super wet. The traffic has been beyond really bad and also non existent at times. Lots of days off due to holidays and a 5 weekend month which has stretched the budget an awful lot. May has also been a busy one.

Jeremy turned 3 and we celebrated that in Sea World. His gran and Auntie here were in Europe for most of May so they missed his big day but did celebrate it with him when they returned. Our house keeper decided to leave 3 weeks before the start of Ramadhan for reasons still unknown leaving us without a nanny for Jeremy and the washing to do. This again makes life a little more complicated but we manage.

Great cake for a great boy

I finished teaching in Santa Ursula for time being after 4 years of being there and so no more coffee and doughnuts and time spent in a fantastic building with amazing students and teachers. But on the flip side, I can sleep in on a Monday and Wednesday now and no one has to be up at 4.30 in the morning any more so we are all pleased about that.

The Breakfast of Champions

A fantastic building and school 

The bikes licence expired that had to be renewed so I spent a couple of days riding and taking random Grab bikes and Go Jeks to and from work, which was just as tiring and annoying as riding, especially as many would cancel because of where I live. Once I had the bike licence back I have had the pleasure of taking different routes due to unbearable traffic in the city and also random police stops which I am not wanting to be involved in. Jakarta always has bad traffic but when it takes 30 minutes to go less than 2km on a bike, you know that its a bad day. I have had too many of them recently.

New licence and the bike is taxed for another year

Finally I had the joy of a quick trip to Singapore for some shopping and enjoy the sights. I don't write much about Singapore as I never really do much. But I did enjoy the double 1/4lb with cheese from McDonalds and also the fact that the tomato sauce actually tasted of tomatoes, unlike the stuff they serve here. I must buy a bottle of proper tomato sauce next time I am there!

A21 is the furthest from Immigration, and is next to A16. Its a
long walk or you can take the mono train thing

More views of T3 Changi Airport, Singapore

The most interesting part of the trip out was the fact that airport security actually exists now in Jakarta, despite Lion Air dropping international passengers off at a domestic terminal and letting them all leave (Air Asia has also done this, this month). At Jakarta Airport you now have to remove belts and shoes and computers and stuff and the queue for this was around 20 minutes and my flight was calling its final boarding calls but it was OK. I spent most of the day not wearing a belt sue to the amount of times I had to remove it.

The queue for Security checks at Jakarta Airport

And to end the month, not only are the stocks of Gin restored but I am off to the mountains above Bogor for the weekend, so fresh air here I come. 
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