Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Air Pollution

Reading the news as I do on a all too frequent basis, the subject of air pollution rears its ugly head again and again and the health risks they pose. It is generally accepted than less economic wealthy cities and countries have worse air quality than those better off, however, even with the rules and systems in place air quality around the world is not what you expect it to be, unless you are in China then it is. And it is always bad there.

So recently I was discussing air quality and how Indonesia doesn't have readings or information regarding its air quality especially in Jakarta where as the rest of the world seems to. I was then told to go here as it provides the latest information of air quality for Jakarta and around the world. The good old US of A has measuring stations at their consulate offices and so are reporting information live.

So lets make some comparisons for today. I am sure that Jakarta is worse overall but it might challenge some staple beliefs but again the information is only a snap shot.

Jakarta now at 4pm 

There are not exactly a lot of monitoring stations in Jakarta and there is not a lot of information being gathered but Moderate is nice. The weather today is overcast and rainy and perhaps I should look at the differences again in the dry season. And whilst there are time difference which would effect air quality and stuff, the traffic here is now beginning to go into rush hour as London will start to reduce its morning rush.

London now at 9am

It seems in the dead of winter the city of London is not a good place to be for fresh air.

England today across the midlands and south

Jakarta today, bearing in mind that once you leave Tangerang, West Bekasi or Depok there not much there in the way of anything and Bogor is in the foothills surrounded by volcanoes, hence the lack of any other monitoring stations


South East Asia and the Red and Purple signs in China and India

USA and Europe, with Europe displaying red unhealthy signs 

With a predicted 70% of the worlds population living in cities by 2050, one needs to assume the air quality issues will be fixed around the globe. My dream of retiring into the countryside really does seem like a good idea even a breath of fresh air, so to speak.

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