Monday, 18 January 2016

My Old Watch

A long time ago in England I purchased my first ever G-Shock somewhere around 2005 or earlier, I cant really be sure. It was my first. My second was stolen when my house was broken into in 2012. Both have sentimental value and I was gutted to have lost one watch but happy not to have lost the first one as that dates way back.
However, it finally stopped working and the strap fell apart and became unusable. Several watch shops refused to do anything with it as changing a battery on a G-Shock involves taking off the back and replacing the seals if they are worn or damaged which are expensive so I left it and left it.
Just before new year being bored, I decided to go and get it repaired and checked and hopefully it can be used again so I did just that.

Old and not working, the strap was falling apart

In Jakarta there is one Casio service center, naturally far from my house and so a grab cab trip later I was near Pasar Baru and the center of the city and at the service center.

I don't know much about service centers but this is the second one I have been to alone. The first being LG to save my Nexus, however I was pleasantly surprised once again as the service time and immediate repairs just happened.

The service was quick and the watch repair man came out and showed me that everything worked and put the new strap on there and then and the watch is now as good as new.

Looks as good as new and will last a good few years yet

Yovita has the watch now and she seems to like it but I have a feeling we will have to change strap again to a fabric one as the leather one makes the skin sweat underneath it but the watch is working and I am happy. 
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