Monday, 11 January 2016

19 years of mobile phones

I posted this back in 2010 but as things move on so there is a need to update things. Here is a list of all the phones I have pretty much owned since the conception of Mobile phones.

A list of the phones I have ever owned from Nokia and a random hairdressers phone that slipped in!

'97 6110

'98 Philips

'99 3210

'01 5210

I loved this phone

'02 5100

This one was great

'03 6600

 I wish I never sold this it was simply the best

 '04 Sharp GX10i 

Shockingly bad, hated it!

'05 6630

 never really got to grips with this one although it was a good phone

'05 6680

fantastic, a prerunner to the N series

'05 N80

Should have been better, wasn't. Sold it in Jakarta

'06 6282

'06 1100

My Thai phone, lost in Jakarta. Happy memories with this one

'07 6070

First phone in Jakarta, rubbish really

'07 N70 music
Managed to destroy this through overuse

'08 N73 music

Loved it but sold it for the one below

'09 E71

It looks good, does good things but did not like swimming pools.

'09 1202

One of the best (mainly cos it has a torch, the E71 does not) cheap cheerful and just keeps going and going, no matter how many times it gets dropped, gave it to my mum when she came in 2012.

'09 5800 Xpress Music

The best one yet. This rocked

'10 Blackberry 3g Curve

At the time this was the only way to talk to anyone in Indonesia. My collection of Blackberry phones through this time were:

Blackberry Torch, which was a nice phone but the camera kept freezing so it had to go.

Blackberry Bold was a really good phone

2012 Nokia 701

Then I went back to Nokia and for my last one ever I had a Nokia 701, which was good and fun but it didn't last long as everyone started using Android and Nokia didn't have the range of apps so I had to move on again.

Until now.....

My first Samsung was a Galaxy Grande and it was pretty good but too small so I eventually got a Galaxy Mega which was more like it and I kept with that phone right up to 2014.

I also have a small Lenovo phone (somewhere) and when I had it and find it again it was very useful and simple to use. 

I also invested in my first Tablet. A Samsung 10.1 which ran on Ice Cream Sandwich but was great for reading and work and I should have not sold it. 

I bought a new tab last year, a Samsung Tab 4 8.0. Its good, but not that good. I want a bigger tab again.

After the Galaxy Mega in 2014 I upgraded to my existing phone and one I really wont want to move off from. An LG Nexus 5.  Simply great.

There you go 19 years of Mobile phones!!!

Philips, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Lenovo, LG.

25 different phones, 2 tabs and counting.

What do I wish for now?

Well, I think a Nexus 6p and a larger more useful tab, so not much!!!

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