Saturday, 18 October 2014

Vaccinations for Jeremy

 Jeremy is almost 18 months old now and it does still feel like yesterday when I saw him for the first time but time flies and and now he growing, learning and developing so quickly it is,as I always say simply amazing to see,

We were told this week that after a 6 months of concerns that he is not lactose intolerant and can move quite safely onto normal baby milk and to continue the UHT milk we have been giving him for the last 3 weeks. We took him to the doctors for another vaccination which his schedule we were given tells us to do. Infact, it was the last one until his Typhoid and Hepatitis A jabs when he is 2, which is May.

Since he was born he has had 10 different vaccination injections and due the way they are administered, 25 total injections. I have no idea why so many. I would like to think the the hospital we go to uses an American health care approach and thats fine with me. We use YPK Mandiri in Menteng and I still feel it is the best place for him to go and be cared for because he was born there and the treatment he recieved and my wife recieved was amazing.

His jabs:

BCG in his 1st month
Hep B in month 0, 1 and 6
Polio in month 0, 2, 4, 6, 18
DPT in month 2, 4, 6, 18
HiB in month 2, 4, 6, 12 - 15
Rotavirus in month 2 and 4
PCV in month 3, 5, 7, 14
Campak (measles) in month 9
Cacar Air (Varicella) in month 12
MMR in month 15

Thats a lot of jabs and whilst I have no real clue why he needs them all, the doctors said he does and so he did. I believe all of them will make him stronger and healthier and can only do him good,

Whilst I am talking about medication for Jeremy, because he has been sick here is what he had to take to help him with his complaints.

  • Mycostatin oral suspension for  nappy rash
  • Flagyl for anti biotics Due to bad stomach diarrhoea
  • Zinc pro liquid for vitamin
  • Lacto b for belly
  • Myco-z ointment nystatin zinc oxide for nappy rash
  • Sudocrem for nappy rash dry skin heat rash
  • Ceradan for dry skin
  • Thrombophob heparin sodium for bumps and swelling
  • Locoid hydrocortisone17 butyrate for skin reaction
  • Transpulmin balsam. Same as Vicks
  • Caladine lotion for bites and stings itches
  • Lactacyd To help clean skin
  • Nappy cream from mother care 
  • Oxen cetirizine for allergy control
  • Meptin syrup for throat infection
  • Isopronosine for viral infection of chest
  • Surplus plus powder for chest and cough problems
Again I guess all of that worked and the skin creams we were prescribed were amazing and everything in the list worked wonders for him.

Our next challenge is cleaning his teeth and we have been advised to buy his toothpaste from Mothercare. I am so looking forward to brushing his teeth, it will be mad. 

Now all that is known, some pictures...

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