Friday, 31 October 2014

A weird day.

I must admit to not paying my credit cards for a month as I chose medicine for Jeremy over keeping the books balanced. Since then I have been catching up on the bills (it was August) and have been paying what has been asked for.

I dont own that many only 2. 

The credit card company who I wont mention in this post did on a few occasions kindly phone me to remind me that I need to pay, however when met with 'do you speak English?' promptly hung up and never returned the call. I would imagine that if they had bothered to read the computer screen in front of them my, my details would tell them I am English (Inggris) not Indonesian. I guess they never.

So happily paying what I thought was correct I was visited by a person unknown to hand me a letter. The letter was a photocopied piece of paper with no details or reasons and a handwritten phone number and the total amount I owe on the card. I had someone contact this guy and he turned out to be a debt collector and that I had to pay all the money outstanding by 5pm Friday (today) otherwise something else could happen but we never found out what.
Bemused by that, I contacted the Credit Cards customer service department and after being put through to 3 different people I eventually was told that as long as I make a payment today and next week then there is no problem and I do not have to pay the amount back in full. It seems I have been paying up each month but not in the payment window. But they were very patient and communicated very well in English, which was fantastic.

Now why the bank could not just send me a letter asking me to call them, I don't know. But it added to the fun of the day.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade as they say. However, minutes after sorting all that out I was presented with a box of Mangoes ripe and sweet and all for me. Which was nice. The challenge was how to get 5kg of Mangoes home in a box riding a motorbike. Luckily the lack of rain and presence of my rucksack solved that one. And now everyone is eating Mango.

My favourite fruit is free fruit and Free Mangoes top that

Rounding off the day nicely as it had been a weird day was a man who came in to enquire about an English course and he spent 25 minutes asking me every question under the sun about the course and contents of it and also how much media and internet access and useage there was. Despite my best efforts of explaining how we teach classes I had the impression that he really did not understand the concept of books and face to face rather he was more interesting online media presentations. I dont think he will be a student.

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