Thursday, 19 December 2013

Jeremy at 7 and a half months

Jeremy is 8 months in January and he has suddenly become a flurry of activity. He is now totally curious about everything, alert to his name is making huge strides into being able to walk.

I have read somewhere that most infants develop skills from 9 months onwards. I have to say this that Jeremy is outside that.
I will also say that Jeremy is not your average sized Indonesian baby. At 7 months he is now 69cm and weighs around 9kg. He is not overweight just bigger than most of the other infants we have seen and we are now getting comments about his size because people see him as a year old.

He is now able to climb up to stand and whilst cannot walk yet is attempting it as often as he can. He can tell the difference between the bed and the floor and when he is on the bed he is more active and rolls and falls over whilst on the floor he is more careful with his movements and prefers to sit up and play.

He has been determined to climb and stand next to our beds headboard and last night for the first time he did just that much to his delight. Then after falling over, decided to celebrate by sleeping. His sleep has changed, he now is too big for the cot and so he sleeps in the bed or rather on it and on most of it as he sprawls out sideways but he is still sleeping through the night and enjoys nothing more than slapping me on the head at 6am or staring at me until I wake up so he can play. Yovita and I are both OK with this for now and it helps as his farts are worse than mine and so he gets blamed more for the smells.

He has been babbling now for a while and the words are coming and I am hoping soon he will be saying more than the odd mama and dada and fatha and it will come more naturally for him. These are exciting times.

Jeremy was very ill this week with a fever around 40 degree a night of screaming and tears and no sleep for anyone and a emergency trip to the doctor due to the high fever. Being told its either a sore throat, measles or dengue was also a worry but it seems that a day later with some cough drops and fever reducing drops all has cleared up and he is back to full strength. A relief all round.
The last trip for his vaccinations was last week and he now does not need any thing until February which will be the measles jab. His milk remains hypo allergenic until his 1st birthday and then hopefully we may be able to switch. But he loves Heinz baby food in jars both veg and fruit and also biscuits and rice porridge so he is getting to taste and eat lots of food. He does have a sweet tooth thats for sure and chocolate is a favourite but he can wait a long time before he gets to eat a lot of it. I wont have him looking like a lot of Indonesian children with black rotting teeth due to lack of brushing and too much sugar. That always looks bad in my opinion.

Christmas is almost here and the tree is going up at some point today and I am sure he will fascinated with the lights and the baubles and tinsel and will try his hardest to grab it and pull it over!

Can't wait for that....

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