Monday, 30 December 2013

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung

Part of my Christmas break and time with my family and our friends from England was a little day trip out of Jakarta to either Bogor and then to Puncak or out to Bandung and to an active volcano called Tangkuban Perahu, which means upturned boat.

The volcano won and so after some serious bargaining to hire a car for the day we arranged to be transported about in a big Black Nissan Serena which could sit 5 people fairly well and was big enough to carry everything we needed because with Jeremy we need to take a lot of stuff. 1.2 million all in for all day, fuel, tolls and tip for driver which was a great deal seeing the same for a day in Jakarta was 900k.

The car came to the house for 6am and so off we went out east on the toll. A quick stop for coffee and breakfast we were soon on our way and by 8.30 we were outside Bandung and heading up into Lembang towards the Volcano.

Happily for us the weather was sunny and not too cloudy and so the trip to Bandung was very scenic with lots of mountains and tea plantations to see as we drove in. Driving up into the mountains was also nice. When we got to the entrance to the Volcano we had to pay 200k for all in the car and the car itself. The cost per expat is far more than for Indonesian but we paid and off we went up higher and around lots of s bends until we reached the craters edge, the car park and lots of people selling crap and stuff you really do not want to buy.

The volcano is active through its constant release of sulphur steam deep in the crater. There was little else to suggest that it was active although access to it was closed in October due to erupting a little more than normal.

There were lots of people looking at the volcano and there are far too many gift stalls and strawberry sellers and the like although the tofu we purchased was great. There is a path that goes all the way round the crater should you feel like walking about.

With Jeremy in tow, he did not seem too impressed with the place, the volcano or much to be honest but he enjoyed looking and wearing a jacket once we managed to get him into it! The journey to Bandung was his longest and he slept, ate and played all the way there and he never got upset or too bored.

After a while a cloud came over and took the view away and for the first time since England in 2010 I could see my own breath when breathing out which made me smile.

Heading back down to Bandung, we stopped at Paris Van Java mall for lunch and a rest and to change Jeremy so he was less smelly and more smiley. The mall is a mall, its OK and we stayed a short time and then decided to head back.

Travelling to Bandung is always a short trip for some reason maybe because we are heading away from Jakarta, however returning is always a long trip and it took 5 hours or almost double the time to get home and the return trip dragged and everyone was getting less fun and more tired as the minutes dragged on. The traffic in Jakarta was its normal mess and so it was a relief to get home, shower and relax. Jeremy again was no real problem but Yovita and our housekeeper were worn out by the amount of energy given to making sure he never screamed or got bored.

So for a trip to nature, it was a great day out. That was my second time there and I am sure to go again. Active Volcanoes are always interesting to look at. But like the first time I went it, there will be a stop over in Bandung to break the travel up.

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