Sunday, 29 December 2013

Jakarta 2013

Wow, what a year. Its been a busy year this one so I thought I would recap some of it before wishing everyone a happy new year.


We moved to our new house which had just been built. I attended a conference in Bogor and the city became deluged through a huge storm.

Our school went to Anyer for its annual trip out and Yovita was now 5 months pregnant.


I took another trip to Singapore and after a lot of hassle and messing about getting a new passport to help with my visa it was decided that it would be all ok after all.


Took a boat around the harbour at Sunda Kelapa and was on red alert for the birth


Jeremy came into our lives


Celebrated our first wedding anniversary


My blog hit 5 years of being written
I finally managed to get health insurance for the kids but it still took another 3 months to finalise everything...


Jeremy turned 6 months

First trip or holiday since the birth

Work conference in Bali


Jeremy's first Christmas

Friends from England came and stayed for Christmas.

It is a shorter list than normal perhaps but the arrival of Jeremy, my world is him and so there is little personal time to explore or do things.

So 2013 was an awesome year. I can only think 2014 will be just a lot bigger and far more exciting.

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