Monday, 17 June 2013

Down my road part 2

I thought that from my last post I would share some more pictures if Mampang and Pancoran with you to help illustrate some more of what life is like away from the apartment lifestyle or leafy suburbs of Jakarta.

 Busy street, motorbike helmets are not considered as a priority around these streets
Taking a break from pushing his toy barrow around the streets and he is sat with a fruit seller
 Plants in odd pots often hide the open drains
 Discarded logs
 Broken and vandalized phone booth
 A small cemetery between houses
 Over piling rubbish is often seen
 Dirty brown rivers are common through the city
Another Toy vendor
 A big mosque 5 minutes from my house
 Another mosque with a canopy for the overspill at prayer time
This street heads towards a very busy road
 Small local store
A man selling Tofu
Sunday afternoon traffic heading into the city
 Garbage collectors waiting for the Rubbish truck to arrive
However the garbage truck had broken down
 An empty side of the road eaterie
 Some random housing
This view is looking toward my house with a mosque, clinic and all sorts in view
At the corner from my house (far left)
 He sells nothing I want
DVD and Fruit stalls

And for my dad...

 yesterdays prices of fuel from Shell. Super is just over 60p a litre where as Pertamina subsidised fuel is 30p

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