Monday, 8 July 2013

8 weeks on

Eight weeks ago I became a father and a parent to Jeremy.  How time has flown by.

Jeremy has grown in size, noise, confidence, alertness, smiles and in my life and I had considered none of those things when he arrived.

Parenting and being a father is for me, rather like being an explorer, every day is different and you see and learn so many new things. One new thing is how to sleep like the dead one second and the next feeding a screaming child without really thinking.

Jeremy now sleeps mostly through the night and sleeps from around 10 to 2 and then from 3 to 6 which is pretty good. He sometimes sleeps longer and sometimes shorter. He gets a little grizzly when he is hungry but thats about it. He likes to smile and make noise wave his arms around. He is currently enjoying YouTube random baby program nonsense and Captain Calamari, which is a hanging Octopus with that moves about. He looks at everything, seems transfixed somedays with corners and random spots in the room and can sleep through the loudest of noise, Pancoran Barat can make.

Captain Calamari

He also enjoys shopping so much in the malls that he sleeps through it all, wakes up in the taxi, has some milk and goes back to sleep. Which is a joy.  Mothercare is a whole new world to me and once he is big enough Next and Gap will be more fun to visit as the clothing is great.

The last trip to the doctors was a good one and he is getting his jabs and drops to help him and takes them like his dad, without fear and is currently very well behaved.

His inoculations last for the next year in somewhat seemingly abundance and then Peter out to nothing which is also good.

I can't wait now for him to finally start crawling and trying to sit up and then hopefully his random noise will begin to turn into language. Should be interesting and fun to listen to him speak in both English and Indonesian. 

Day 1

First few days at home

Last month

Last week

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