Sunday, 2 June 2013

4 weeks on

Another of random sleeping nights with Jeremy seeming to be settling into a pattern of sleeping for around 3 hours then waking for a feed and then drifting back to sleep again. So thats 8pm, 11pm, 2am, 5am and then around 8am just in time for his bath. 
So that means I awake up around 11pm, go back to sleep about 2.30am, sleep through most of the 5am noise and am up and about before 7, just. 

Jeremy has definitely put on weight and we will know the exact amount this Wednesday when we take him for his monthly check up and jab for something or other. Should be an adventure.

We have taken Jeremy out twice now, first to Epicentrum and today to Kuningham City Mall , where it is still deathly quiet at midday on a Sunday and you get all 4 shop assistants in Mothercare helping you endlessly to choose a t-shirt at the highest cost of course. We bought nail clippers and some more pacifiers. The Mothercare at Puri is better. See how much I am changing!!!

The escalators have signs saying no Prams, which of course are there to be ignored. Going up was easy with Jeremy in the pram, going down not easy. While I am not saying he almost fell out (which therefore must mean the signs actually are there for a reason), but he was carried down the remaining 5 to get to the taxis. The mall, which is shiny new has ramps and lifts which are great and you can smuggle what you like in to the mall if you got a pram because they wont dare search that!

The taxi drivers we have taken seem to change when you put a baby in the car. They slow down, avoid every bump and hole, almost gently roll over the speed bumps and are more helpful. I even had one almost help me get the pram of the boot. The look of  'I want to help, but nah I won't' is impressive and sticks with me. 

More exciting than that is the amount of street entertainers that seem to jingle jangle boom boom boom their way up the street. The Betawi Ondel things wobbling through the area like its a knockout
 or the Banci what ever they maybe walking down the street with their dangdut music and crap makeup refusing to leave you alone unless you pay them to go away and now, 
This and the photo above are not mine, I have simply borrowed them and will replace them with my own, when I am brave enough to take the photos!
 rather today the front of house was the stage for a travelling monkey show (topeng monyet). Sigh, these things are never nice. But, the kids liked it. 10 minutes of loud music and a monkey dressed like Barry Sheen riding a dolls motorbike about dodging the motorbikes and the like that are always in the street. I did ask if I could tell them to get lost but both my wife and the mother in law said no, better leave them alone.  So I did.

On a final note to wrap up the blog, I have been capturing pictures of storms again because we have had some great thunder and lightning storms over the last 2 weeks, so much so that the front part of the balcony roof has broken away. Its not been fixed yet. The landlady appears to be indisposed to deal with such things..

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