Sunday, 29 July 2012

Travelling to Bali

My parents are in their 70s and are a spritely pair. They decided they would come and attend my wedding which was held in July in Bali.
This news of course, was the best news to hear and I was delighted that they would come. So they set off for Bali from Frome in England and took on the massive journey half way across the world to see me.

The flight from London to Singapore is around 13 hours and whilst my father slept through most of it, my mother was awake. There was a fair bit of turbulence through the flight so hot coffee was not available nor was brandy. However despite this, they were well fed and watered throughout.

On getting to Singapore, they asked for assistance as they only had 2 hours before flying into Bali. Singapore Airlines did a great job. For those that have been to Changi Airport in Singapore you will know understand how big and vast it is and so for a new comer it must be pretty disorientating. They were put on a golf cart and rushed through the airport with the siren going and light flashing which I am sure they enjoyed.

The flight from Singapore to Bali is not too long around 3 hours and it was a bit bumpy and my parents were surprised by the amount of food again they received.

Getting into Bali Airport and the infamous waiting times at Immigration there, again they asked for assistance to help them through the airport. Someone came and took their passports and money and sorted the visas out so they did not have to queue and then got their luggage and helped them to the driver who was there to take them to their hotel. They were at there hotel in less than an hour after landing which considering the state of Bali Airport is fantastic.

Hearing all this was great news. It does make a change from the less than encouraging stories you hear about Indonesia and Bali immigration and I thought I would share. So well done Singapore Airlines (although I did not really expect anything less) and well done Bali Airport.

My parents flew back on Friday. They had an hour to spare in Changi before the long flight home to London and the chaos that started the Olympics!

I have yet to hear from them, but I suspect everything went very well and they are home moaning about the heat in Bali and the heat in England and the amount of weeds in their Garden.

My first day with Mum and Dad the morning after they arrived.

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