Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Wedding

So the time finally came and after 40 years I am now a married man, married to my best friend and partner in life,  Yovita.

We had planned the event for just over 18 months and so the nerves pretty much had gone by the time we were on Bali. My parents had flown to Bali from England to ensure I married and for a holiday in Indonesia. It had been 2 years since we last met so I was really happy that they attended.
The wedding was on Saturday and on the Thursday we met with our Wedding Planner at the wedding venue to go over the ceremony and bits and pieces.

The wedding was held at the Patra, Tuban in Bali, which is right next to the airport and it is simply a beautiful place to get married. The management ensured that we had every thing we needed and they provided us with a room to get ready in and a separate room for the reception after.

 The weather was perfect with the sun setting behind us as we committed to each other and there was a slight breeze but it was a truly perfect evening in every way. The setting was in the gardens of the hotel with us married under an arch. We had a religious and civil ceremony with plenty of photos thrown in. The service itself lasted around 40 minutes all in and the photos probably over an hour.

I had a friend from work and his wife act as witnesses to the signing of the wedding. My manager and her manager also attended so I was very honoured to have them in attendance. Sadly my brother and his family could not attend but the cost of flying out here is pretty high and with kids and work and the Olympics in England they decided better to stay in England. 

Once the photos were out of the way, and there were a lot of photos, over 630 were taken through the ceremony including the make up bit to the final throwing of the bouquet, we went to eat. A few speeches were given and then everyone tucked into an open buffet and ate as much as they could.

The cake was cut and it was a good cake and after handing it out to everyone, I managed to grab some myself. By 9pm most people were moving on and going home.

 The wedding whilst small in attendees and short in time was an amazing experience for us all. Getting married in front of friends and family, in the open air in perfect conditions with Balinese girls throwing petals around, traditional music in the background through out and the chance to marry the one who completes me, was truly a magical day.

The sunset was amazing, and I wish we could have ate on the beach and watched it go down. 

After the wedding was over, we nipped back to the hotel and then joined our friends for cocktails and beers in Kuta till the early hours of the morning before eating the traditional Burger King and Fries before passing out until morning.

Our wedding planner was awesome. Sheer Brilliance on his side as the wedding went smoothly with no problems or issues and the amount of support we had from him through the planning and organising was staggering. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of getting wed in Bali. His professionalism and kindness throughout was just great.

His website is here..........

He also came to the Airport on Tuesday as we headed off back to Jakarta to hand us our photos and album, again a really nice touch and gesture.

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