Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bird Markets Jakarta

Had a day out with some teachers and the lovely wife and we headed for a change, east to see the bird market at Pasar Pramuka before doing the usual run of the city (Monas, Kota Tua, Batavia Marina, Jl Sudirman etc) as one of the teachers has asked to do something different and so the bird markets were considered.

From Mampang we headed east and then into Matraman and to Jatinegara. If you follow the busway from Cawang, it is relatively simple to find. The name of the place is Pasar Pramuka and the bird market is behind the main market area.
It is a busy cramped smelly dirty place but lively and noisy mainly with the sound of many different types of birds. We had to pay 2000 idr to get in and 1000idr to drive out.

Outside the market there are lots of cages for sale and you could be mistaken that the market is very small, but you need to walk round the back and then you will see the full market. It is huge and covers at least 3 floors. What kind of birds are in there? Well I saw Parrots, Parrotkeets, Budgies, many chirping birds, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, pidgeons, owls etc also bats and monkeys. Mice and other small furry mammals. Never saw any thing highly illegal I guess that is tucked away even further into the market.

After the returning back out into the fresh air we headed in Menteng and the Monas which is around 20 minutes from the market and then into Sunda Kelapa and the Batavia Marina where we had a great lunch, before setting off into the blazing heat and getting lost in Glodok, which is never that bad a thing to do.

I have not had a random adventure like that for a while so it made a change, I am looking to taking the wife on the train from Cawang station to somewhere, but I am not getting yes'es at the moment to that idea. A trip to Charles and Keith might fix that!

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